Video tutorial library

This section provides a library of video tutorials on a variety of Cloudinary topics. A selection of videos for each topic are shown here. Click the 'See more…' button to see all available tutorials for any topic.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Dashboard Intro
Take a tour of the Console Dashboard
Media Library Intro
Explore the main elements of the Media Library
Media Library Upload
Drag & drop or select from remote sources to upload

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Programmatic asset management

Upload Programmatically
Use a Cloudinary SDK to upload media assets
Generate Upload Signature
Generate a timestamp and signature for a signed upload
Get Started with the CLI
Set up the CLI and get familiar with some basic commands

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Transformations and optimizations

Transformation Basics
Learn the basics of a transformation URL
Complex Transformations
Combine transformations to generate a 3D canvas
Named Transformations
Simplify & standardize complex delivery URLs

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Enable Automatic Backup
Automatically back up your uploaded assets
Restore Asset Versions
List, preview and retrieve previous versions of an asset
Restore Deleted Assets
Find and restore deleted assets from backup

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Platform integrations

Adobe CC Connector Overview
Integrate your Media Library with Photoshop, Illustrator and more
SAP Commerce Extension
Create rich media experiences on your storefront
SFCC Site Cartridge
Introduction to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud site cartridge

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Training courses

Cloudinary Academy


In addition to the short tutorials available here, you can also take free self-paced Cloudinary courses on a variety of developer or DAM topics, or register for formal instructor-led courses, either virtual or on-site, at Cloudinary Academy.

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