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Last updated: Jan-24-2024

The Cloudinary DAM provides a single source of truth for storing and collaborating on all of your organization's rich media files, and offers a varied set of features to support your workflows. Using the Cloudinary Media Library, you can upload media assets with advanced AI capabilities such as automatic tagging, face detection and background removal applied, share assets with other Media Library users and external stakeholders, search for assets based on standard and custom filtering criteria, assign structured metadata values to your assets, and more.

The DAM user guide provides detailed information about how to utilize all of the Cloudinary DAM features, including:

Managing individual media assets

Perform a variety of management operations on your assets, such as viewing and editing summary details and metadata, viewing or applying asset analysis, collaborating with other users and setting access control modes.

Uploading and storing assets

Upload images, videos, and other files to your Media Library via drag-and-drop, file-system upload, or by selecting media files from a variety of remote sources.

Folders and collections

Organize and share your assets at varying permission levels using folders and collections.

Media asset search

Search for media assets in a variety of ways, including Global search, Advanced Search, Query Builder, or Visual Search.

If you're a Master admin or Admin user, it may be your responsibility to define the way the DAM will be used in your organization. For more information, see the DAM administrator guide.

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