DAM release notes: August 22, 2023

Last updated: Sep-28-2023

New features


Designed with the perfect blend of simplicity and power, Studio allows you to apply transformations to multiple images at once. You can download results in a snap, copy delivery URLs for various sharing needs or create transformation templates to apply at scale.

Transformations that are already available include various cropping styles, background tasks such as background removal and replacement, image overlay application and formatting, AI-driven object removal and recoloring, plus sharpening and brightening enhancements for your images.

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Bulk download with transformation templates

You can now download asset variations at scale in one click by selecting the assets to transform and simply choosing the desired transformation template to apply on download from the blue asset bar.

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Bulk download with transformation templates

Mosaic view

Introducing the Mosaic view alongside the Card and List views - a fresh dimension to grid-based asset viewing. This innovative addition offers a heightened visual experience, characterized by its fluidity and responsive design.

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Mosaic view


Retention of deleted user data

Details about deleted users are now retained and made visible within the Console where relevant. This allows you to easily search for items in your product environment associated with deleted users. For example, you can search for folders created by a user who left your company.

It's important to note that:

  • Once a user has been deleted, items in your product environment can no longer be shared with them.
  • Deleted users are clearly identified with a prominent Inactive label.

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Deleted user

Image format and quality customization for downloads

You can now quickly adjust the image format and quality before downloading. Access this functionality from the Download option of the asset's context menu.

  • Formats: original (default), JPEG, PNG, PDF.
  • Quality levels: low, auto, and best (default).

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Download Image as Download Image as - Menu Arrow Download Image as - Dialog box Download Image as - Dialog box

Video previews in Card view

Videos can now be effortlessly previewed by simply hovering over their respective cards. By resting your cursor on the card momentarily, the video playback will initiate seamlessly.

Nested Share menu for assets in Card view

Now, all asset sharing options (Publish a Link, Invite and Copy URL) are in one nested menu.

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Nested Share menu

Intuitive rename

You can now rename assets by selecting the Rename action in the asset's context menu.


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