DAM release notes: Nov 21, 2022

Last updated: Feb-22-2023

New features

New navigation experience

The new modern navigation experience for DAM offers a user-friendly side menu with quick access to all DAM functions. Furthermore, tabs will provide easy navigation to these Media Library views: Assets (search), Folders, Collections and Recently Uploaded. Learn more.

The new navigation experience

As a Master admin, you can now enable this new experience (opt in) from the Account page of your Console Settings.

Multiple moderation flows

You can apply several moderations of different kinds to any asset uploaded to your DAM. For example, you can mark an asset for automatic AI moderation in addition to manual moderation. This feature enables you to combine all of your preferred moderation methods within a single upload action. You can track an asset’s moderation history in the Moderation preview pane. Learn more.

Multiple moderation flows

Video trimming in the Media Library

The option to trim videos in the Media Editor is now available and fully supported for all Cloudinary users. Access it via the asset management drill-down page of the Media Library. Learn more.

Video trimming

Video previews and transformation presets

You can create, preview and download variations of videos using transformation presets. In addition, users can now enjoy a streamlined video preview experience in the Media Library. Both of these improvements apply to all video file formats. Learn more.

Video previews and transformation presets

Some transformations can’t be previewed within the Media Library and must be downloaded or requested using the delivery URL.


  • Look and feel:
    • New empty Preview pane illustration: There’s a new illustration in the Preview pane when no asset is selected.
    • New color palette and updated fonts: The new harmonized color palette used throughout the Media Library improves lucidity and provides a pleasant overall experience. In addition, updated fonts improve readability.
  • Access control:
    • Restricted access badge: For assets with time-limited restricted access, a noticeable badge indicates whether the asset is currently public. Learn more.
  • Usability:
    • Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet: Handy keyboard shortcuts are listed in the Preview pane when multiple assets are selected in the Media Library.
    • Large asset previews: Enhanced image thumbnails are now displayed in the Media Library and on the Moderation page when you hover over assets, enabling you to have a closer look while browsing.
    • Simplified Upload button: The Upload button still opens the Media Library Upload Widget, but no longer includes the separate Upload Local Files option. After the Upload Widget opens, you can still easily upload local files by clicking the Browse button from the My Files tab.
  • Structured metadata:
    • Copying and customizing external IDs of structured metadata fields and list values: You can now view, copy, and customize the external IDs of structured metadata field list values, enabling easy access to this data from the UI. This capability is especially useful when the DAM is integrated with an external system, such as a CMS or PIM. Learn more.
    • Meaningful default values for external IDs of structured metadata fields and list values: The default external ID is now based on the field’s name or list value for easy referencing. Learn more.
  • Saved searches:
    • Editing a saved search: You can now save edits you make to your filters in a saved search by either overwriting the original saved search or saving as a new original. Learn more.


  • When attempting to delete an empty folder immediately after deleting all the assets within it, the popup message now correctly states that the folder is empty.
  • After an edited asset is saved using the Save as option, a success toast message is displayed. Clicking Open asset in the message now automatically closes it, without the need to click the X.
  • The spinner no longer gets stuck when a video preset can’t be created due to exceeding an online transformation limit.
  • Admins or Media Library users with access permissions can now add assets from one collection to another.
  • The Save Search button now always appears in the Assets view when a new search is being set up.
  • Localization in the Advanced Search and the Transformation Builder of the Media Library are now correct.
  • When managing structured metadata fields, the My first value list value is no longer created by default for single and multiple-selection lists.
  • Thumbnails for transformation presets that use conditional transformations based on structured metadata are now automatically updated when the metadata changes.
  • App Marketplace now always appears in the menu whenever appropriate for the user's role.

Coming soon

Advanced Editing using the Transformation Builder - Alpha

You’ll soon be able to use the Transformation Builder (previously used only for creating named transformations) for advanced editing of selected images in the Media Library. You’ll be able to apply the following actions to your transformed assets: Preview | Copy URL | Download | Save asset | Save as a new asset.

Advanced Editing using the Transformation Builder

  • In the first phase, you'll only be able to edit public images via the Transformation Builder. Support for videos and private images will be added in the next phase.
  • Support for the legacy Transformation Editor is currently being maintained.

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