Sharing assets - Chapter 2 (video tutorial)

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Watch this video tutorial to learn about all the ways to share assets via folders and collections.

If you're using the free plan, some of the functionality may differ from what's described in the video.

Video tutorial

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Tutorial contents

This tutorial presents the following topics. Click a timestamp to jump to that part of the video.


Jump to this spot in the video  0:00 The previous video tutorial in this series focused on how to share content as individual assets internally and externally. This tutorial centers on internally sharing assets at the folder level by inviting user groups or individual users to access its contents. Folder sharing regulates access to assets in the Media Library, governing user permissions. Later in the video sharing collections both internally and externally will be discussed.

How to share a folder

Jump to this spot in the video  1:29 Navigate to the folder you want to share. Click the (3-dots) option menu and select Share. In the dialog box, locate and choose the desired users or user groups, such as Product Managers and Marketers. Assign permission levels for each, either Can view, Can contribute, Can edit, or Can manage, granting varying access levels. The video showcases granting Can view permissions to selected user groups. Upon clicking Save, a confirmation appears, and a shared icon signifies the folder's sharing status.

Viewing folder permissions and adding another group

Jump to this spot in the video  3:32 From the Folders view in the Media Library, access folder details in the Preview pane, including who the folder is shared with and at what permission level, by selecting it and then clicking the spy-glass icon.

You can expand folder sharing by reopening the Share dialog box from the (3-dots) option menu on the folder. In the dialog box, add user groups like Buyers, and select Can manage permissions, providing full access to folder assets and sub-folders. The Preview pane updates to reflect the changes.

What are collections?

Jump to this spot in the video  4:26 Collections differ from folders as they assemble assets from various folders virtually into curated sets. For instance, for a campaign, gather relevant images from multiple folders to create a collection. These collections can be shared internally and with external stakeholders, like agencies. While setting up Media Library users, permissions can be granted to enable them to create and share collections.

Sharing collections

Jump to this spot in the video  6:27 Once you've created a collection with assets, external and internal sharing can be facilitated using its Public Link and Invite options.

While managing a public link for external sharing, a date range can be specified for collection access. Additionally, you can require the asset in the collection to be downloaded with a selected transformation preset or template applied. This is useful for allowing downloads only with applied watermarks, for instance.

Finally, internal sharing involves inviting teammates to access collections and assigning different permission levels to users and user groups.

Watch how to share a collection externally

Jump to this spot in the video  7:35 In the Media Library, access the Collections tab and create a new collection using the plus icon. Populate the collection by navigating to the Assets tab, selecting assets, and choosing Add to Collection from the asset toolbar, then picking the collection you just created.

Navigate back to your new collection. Access the Public Link by clicking the down arrow beside the collection. In the dialog, select Remove option to download original images and videos to restrict downloading originals. Choose templates in the Select presets for downloading dialog to apply the required transformations, such as a set resolution or watermark, to enable download. Specify a start and end date for link validity.

Copy and paste the link into a new tab to view the collection. Try downloading an individual image, noting the limitation to download options based on selected templates. Additionally, download the entire collection as a ZIP file.

Invite to collections internally

Jump to this spot in the video  10:52 Back in the Collections tab of the Media Library, invite teammates to your new collection by clicking its down arrow, then select Invite. Use the Invite groups and/or users drop-down to add user groups like Marketers and Buyers. Grant them Can view permissions.

View sharing details in the Preview pane

Jump to this spot in the video  11:29 After saving, click the spy-glass icon to open the Preview pane and review the shared collection's recipients. Additionally, access and copy the public link from the Preview pane.

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