Assets release notes: September 28, 2023

Last updated: Dec-07-2023

For Nexus users
Features described in these release notes may be part of the Nexus product as well.

New features

Asset delivery information

Knowing when an asset was last externally delivered, such as through a website or app, is crucial for deciding whether or not to delete it. To make this information more accessible, we've added the asset's last delivery date in the following places:

  • The Summary tab of the asset management drill-down page.
  • The Preview pane.
  • A confirmation popup that appears when deleting one or more assets.

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Delivery information - preview pane Preview pane Delivery information - manage page Manage page


New Studio drop-down menu from the asset toolbar

Select multiple assets and open Studio to the tool you need in one click.

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Deleted user

Before and After button in Studio

Easily compare the asset variation created in Studio with the original assets. Press and hold the Before and After button to view the original asset, and release it to see the asset with your applied transformations.

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