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FinalTouch: AI-powered background generator (Early Access)

Last updated: Jul-31-2023


FinalTouch is presently in Early Access stage and available for free to all users. We just ask for your feedback to make the platform better. By signing up you get an exclusive opportunity to use the features of our platform and shape its development by giving us feedback on your experience.

FinalTouch reserves the right to remove or refuse to generate certain images if they are deemed inappropriate or harmful.


FinalTouch is a new, AI-powered background generator designed to improve the way businesses create product images. The app reduces the time for creating professional-grade images of merchandise from days to seconds. Using advanced creation tools, FinalTouch renders accurate, clear, and visually appealing images automatically, eliminating the need for any coding skills.

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Designed to enable users of any skill level to create unique and on-brand visuals, FinalTouch leverages the capabilities of generative AI to turn simple product images into dynamic scenes that improve the chances of online engagement and sales.

The tool is ideal for marketers, e-commerce businesses, and brand managers who need to produce creative visuals for websites, product pages, and social media channels. All images are copyright-free. FinalTouch will never generate the same scene twice. You can confidently use each and every photo or image you create, as your own.

Watch a quick demo:

Get started

The process of using FinalTouch is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Register: To use the app, register with your email address or social media account.
  2. Upload a product photo: Upload a product photo from your device. Once uploaded, the background will automatically be removed. The app will also instantly recognize the product and provide keywords and text that describe the items in the photo. You can input a product name in the text field.

    Uploaded product photo
  3. Customize the product placement: Click the Photoshoot button to access the studio features function. Here, you can customize the placement and size of your product by dragging the product on the canvas and using the resize handles.

    Customize product placement
  4. Customize the scene: Select the product size, then a location and genre for the scene. The available locations depend on the selected product size.

    Choose the scene
    Choose the genre
  5. Generate the scene: Click the Generate button. FinalTouch will automatically create a selection of unique scenes with your product in it, conveniently sized for use on social media.

    See the product in the scenes
  6. Download or share: You can then download a PNG file of the image, share, or delete the image. There is no limit to the number of generated scenes you can produce.

    Select the image you want to use

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