Global teams turn to Cloudinary to reimagine digital asset management

Keep pace with changing media requirements

The old-fashioned approach to managing digital assets leads to content silos, inefficient workflows, and inability to scale.

To improve team efficiency and win customer mindshare with engaging experiences, your creative, marketing, and development teams need a unified approach for managing the entire asset lifecycle.

Discover Cloudinary’s dynamic asset management.

A single source of truth, from creation to consumption

Customer story

Apartment Therapy Media enables its readers to find their good life at home and streamlines asset workflow between creative, editorial, and development teams using Cloudinary

“Cloudinary touches almost every single team of our company. It creates a single source of truth for all of our assets.”
Vijay Nathan – Director of Product, Apartment Therapy

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Your entire asset life cycle, connected

Leverage built-in integrations or use extensible APIs and webhooks to easily integrate with other upstream and downstream applications in your tech stack, enabling a seamlessly connected asset lifecycle.

A platform you can trust

Battle-tested reliability

Get valuable peace of mind with a future-proof infrastructure built from the ground up for security, high availability, and superior performance.

Global scalability

Start small and adopt a unified workflow across global teams with a technology infrastructure that handles over 28 billion media requests.

Built-in industry expertise

Rely on us to partner with image and video experts and associations, along with industry experts such as AWS, Google, Akamai, and Fastly.

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Best practices on having an organization-wide digital asset management approach.

What is Digital Asset Management?

A DAM should enable you to maintain a single source of truth, publish faster, and boost conversions.

Case Study

StubHub Finds Ticket to Effective Digital Asset Management with Cloudinary.

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