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Keep Pace With Change

Building, growing, and maintaining a strong digital presence is a must for all brands. Teams relying on antiquated tools and processes to create, manage, and deliver content to multiple touchpoints are faced with ever increasing costs, lackluster experiences, and missed growth opportunities.

If you’re saddled with resource bottlenecks or weighed down by the constant demand for “more content now” – it’s time for a change.

Adopt a modern DAM to compress content workflows, eliminate redundant, low value tasks and spend more time on creativity and business growth.

Digital-first Asset Management

Cloudinary has reimagined digital asset management with a focus on flexibility, intelligent automation, and scale to meet the unique needs of today and tomorrow

Automation at Scale

Empower teams to launch dynamic visual experiences in a fraction of the time using Artificial Intelligence

Harmonized Systems

Unify customer experience teams on one platform to reduce complexity, break down silos, spur collaboration

Flexible Innovation

Adopt cutting-edge technology with the flexibility for today and tomorrow

Intelligent Automation

From 2 weeks to 12 seconds. Cloudinary DAM uses intelligent automation to supercharge the creation of asset variations, eliminating tedious and time consuming work. Easily define one or multiple transformations to create full-sized assets for all channels, devices, and platforms in seconds. Generate variations upon upload or anytime you need them.

Banners, headers, footers, AI-powered crops, and more. Intelligent Automation saves weeks of effort and cost.

Create once, publish anywhere
with AI

Use a single source file to automatically create an unlimited number of experience-ready assets, optimized for performance and fine tuned for all channels. Launch new campaigns, products, and ideas quicker than ever before.

No ad hoc hand offs, no duplicates, zero clutter.

Future-proof customization
with Apps for DAM

Maximizing software value requires some level of customization, however this is often a complex, expensive process. Offering an easy and flexible approach to customization, Apps for DAM are API-based, future-proof applications providing a low cost approach to make sure you get the most out of your software solution.

App catalog. Pre-built app library for automation, sharing, publishing, and more.

Seamless integration. Bundled apps take only one-click to install, working as expected in contextual menus.

Nominal support. API-based, DAM apps are long lasting, requiring minimal or no maintenance.

Satisfy all teams

Let’s face it, team members like to use their preferred tools and embracing new ways of working can be challenging.

Drive adoption of a single DAM platform by allowing cross-functional teams to work with assets from their preferred systems.

  • Deep connection to Creative Cloud applications
  • Customizable widgets for CMS, PIM, ERP, and more
  • Headless DAM with REST APIs and SDKs
  • Integrate web-based apps via Chrome extension

Always optimized, always perfect

Creatives and Marketers have little or no control over experiences once content is launched and released.

Cloudinary’s AI-powered automation ensures content looks great, performs as designed, and loads lightning fast on every screen.

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Designed for today and tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence. Content-aware algorithms and object detection for faster, smarter work.

Media Science expertise. Leading member of standardization bodies, bringing the future of rich media directly to you.

Next-gen formats. Early access to advanced formats and new image and video standards for faster innovation.

A home for all your assets

Find assets using metadata

Intelligently search for relevant assets with AI-generated tags, attributes, colors, faces, and structured metadata

Create variations in real-time

Easily transcode, resize, crop, and transform images and videos in real time with an interactive media editor

Share with all teams

Provide controlled access to the asset library and specific collections for internal and external teams using role-based access privileges

Create collections

Share secure collections of assets for collaboration or publish directly as a brand portal

Publish to any channel

Use pre-generated publish code to embed assets within experiences on web, mobile, and social

Track analytics

Gain in-depth insights on asset performance, usage, and other critical information – including error reporting

One solution for all your media needs

Video Asset Management

Simplify video management with AI-powered tagging, editing, transcoding, optimization, and publishing.

Programmable APIs

Leverage powerful image and video APIs for creating, transforming, and delivering experiences.

Content Delivery Network

Deliver assets across the globe via multiple CDNs for fast and reliable experiences.

Technology you can trust

Battle-tested Stability

Rest assured with a solution built atop a modern platform – focused on security, high availability, and superior performance.

Global Scale

Start small and adopt a unified workflow across global teams with a technology infrastructure handling over 28 billion media requests.

Built-in Media Expertise

Gain early access to the latest and greatest technology innovations via Cloudinary’s inclusion in key image and video standard organizations.

Lifestyle blog and publisher Apartment Therapy enables its readers to find their good life at home and streamlines asset workflow between creative, editorial, and development teams using Cloudinary

“Cloudinary touches almost every single team of our company. It creates a single source of truth for all of our assets.”
Vijay Nathan – Director of Product, Apartment Therapy

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Your entire asset life cycle, connected

Simplify integrations using prebuilt connectors and widgets for a wide variety of systems, from upstream creative applications, to downstream systems including CMS, PIM, and other content platforms. Leverage extensible APIs and webhooks to easily integrate with your technology stack.



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