Cloudinary Assets: Digital Asset Management

API-first DAM powered by AI and Generative AI

Cloudinary Digital Asset Management

A DAM for the Entire Asset Lifecycle

Brands that rely on visual storytelling choose Cloudinary Assets.

From sourcing and management to visual asset editing to optimized delivery, Assets automates the entire asset lifecycle at scale with AI.

Digital-first Asset Management

This is the digital asset management solution reimagined with a focus on flexibility, intelligent automation, and scalability.

Repurpose Assets Easily

One final asset with limitless variations through self-serve editing or at scale with automation.


Optimized Delivery

Automated image and video format, quality and smart cropping combined with multi-CDN delivery.


API-first and Business Ready

Robust APIs and powerful interfaces bring marketing, content, and developer teams closer.


AI and generative AI power automation at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

AI capabilities include smart tagging to natural language search to generative fill, restore, recolor, replace, and more.

Learn more about our latest generative AI features.

Birds of Paradise
DAM interface

Create once, publish anywhere

From a single source file, automatically generate an unlimited number of experience-ready assets at upload or anytime.

Assets are optimized for performance and fine tuned for all channels.

Video Engagement

Scale video experiences quickly from product video shorts to UGC to longer form reviews or ‘how to’ videos.

Future proof
Collaboration Assets

Composable and API-First

Flexibility and agility to easily connect applications and customer experience teams to a single source of truth for visual assets.


Reduce costs by consolidating image and video point solutions, DAM, CDN and dynamic media into one DAM for the entire asset lifecycle.


100% Future-proof

Intelligent. Best-of-breed Generative AI models combined with our own deep learning capabilities.

Visual media expertise. Deep understanding and hyper focus on images, video, 3D.

Next-gen formats. Early access to advanced formats and new image and video standards.

Future Proof

A home for all your assets

One solution for all your media needs

Assets Solution Diagram

apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy streamlines asset workflow between creative, editorial, and development teams using Cloudinary

“Cloudinary touches almost every single team of our company. It creates a single source of truth for all of our assets.”
Vijay Nathan – Director of Product, Apartment Therapy

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Your entire asset life cycle, connected

Prebuilt connectors and widgets simplify integrations from upstream creative applications to downstream systems including CMS, PIM, and other content platforms. Leverage extensible APIs and webhooks to integrate with your technology stack.



Best practices for an organization-wide approach to digital asset solutions.

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What is Digital Asset Management?

A single source of truth enabling teams to publish faster & boost conversions.

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Case Study

StubHub Finds Ticket to Effective digital image management with Cloudinary.

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