Interactive Demos

Experience the power of Cloudinary for dynamic image and video management

DEMO Media Library Widget

Explore embedding the Media Library in your app as a modal dialog or inline

DEMO Content-Aware Image Encoding

Automatically adjust the encoding settings based on the image content and viewing context

DEMO Content-Aware Image Cropping

Automatically crop images using AI-based content recognition to focus on important aspects

DEMO Automatic DPR-Based Delivery

Dynamically adapt images based on the device pixel density to serve the most optimal version

DEMO Image Manipulation

Dynamically create multiple image variants for delivering an experience across multiple devices and channels

DEMO Low-Quality Image Placeholders

Dynamically generate and deliver low-quality image placeholders while the high-quality image loads

DEMO Video Transcoding & Adaptive Streaming

Easily convert videos to all relevant formats, optimized for different browsers, devices, and bandwidth

DEMO Content-Aware Video Cropping

Automatically create vertical videos for mobile and social viewing using AI-based cropping

DEMO Content-Aware Video Compression

Adjust the quality compression of videos based on their content for smooth streaming on any bandwidth

DEMO Automatic Generation of Video Previews

Generate short video previews with the most engaging scenes using deep learning

DEMO Video Analysis & Enhancements

Automate resource-intensive tasks such as video tagging and transcription using AI

DEMO Product Gallery

Engage users with an interactive product gallery, optimized for browsing on any screen


Dynamically switch between different CDN providers to route traffic on the fastest-possible path

DEMO Manipulating PSD Layers

Manipulate different layers of PSD files in real time to create variants for different campaigns

DEMO Product Badging

Dynamically apply badging and text overlays for running personalized visual campaigns

DEMO Video Player Studio

Customize the video experience using a video player studio to match your brand design

DEMO Live Streaming

Broadcast live events from any device and share the stream on mobile and social

DEMO Video Player

Embed videos into your website or application using a customizable video player

DEMO Auto Responsive Images with Client Hints

Deliver an optimal version of every image based on the device pixel ratio and viewport

DEMO Responsive Breakpoints Generator

Determine optimal image breakpoints necessary for delivering a responsive experience

DEMO Upload Widget

Embed a custom upload widget in your applications for a fast, seamless upload experience