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Where the Unexpected in Visual Experiences is Unleashed

As new technologies emerge and companies look to improve the ways in which they create and share visual content that connects with their audiences, Cloudinary Labs offers a space to explore and experiment with innovative concepts, from new image formats and video technologies driven by artificial intelligence to new approaches to developer coding. We invite you to play and share feedback on our experiments and help us elevate these technologies and new capabilities from the outer-edges to the center of the digital world.


Introducing MediaFlows

Check out how you can build flexible media applications using drag and drop tools alongside custom code to craft and iterate prototypes and go live quickly.

Media Inspector

Media Inspector is a Chrome Extension that analyzes media assets on your site, including information on how the transformation was performed along with file size, status and more.


The Cloudinary ServiceWorker package allows you to integrate with Cloudinary at the browser level, without changing a single line of code in your project.

CloudyDesktop/Android Upload

Cloudinary is exploring a variety of extendability options, including CloudyDesktop for syncing a local folder to Cloudinary, and Android Share to quickly move assets from mobile phones into Cloudinary.

(Interplanetary File System)

IPFS has become the network of choice for peer-to-peer storing and sharing data. Check out how Cloudinary Integrations supports fetching from IPFS or upload mapping to IPFS URIs.

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Cutting-edge Media Science and Research

Cloudinary Labs builds on our long-standing commitment to tech innovation across all facets of visual media, including the support and development of next-gen image and video codecs like JPEG XL, AVIF and AV1. Our team is relentless in pushing boundaries, exploring new technologies, different approaches to media creation and processes, and cutting-edge concepts that will reshape the future of visual media. In the coming months, we will share even more concepts and new artificial intelligence capabilities that will drive deeper connections with people and the visual experiences they encounter, interact and embrace in their digital lives.

Cloudinary Labs Legal Disclaimer

Any tool or application (collectively “Apps”) provided under Cloudinary Labs Portal (“Portal”) is an unsupported pre-production prototype undergoing further development and provided on an “AS IS” basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. Furthermore, Cloudinary is not under any obligation to provide a commercial version that incorporates all or some of the Apps and may at any time, temporarily or permanently, suspend the Portal and Apps, or a portion thereof, at its sole discretion.

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