Natural Language Visual Search

Supercharge asset discovery based on visual similarity and natural phrasing—no tags required.

Search is the key feature of any Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution yet how easily an asset can be found is directly tied to associated metadata values. Many organizations spend a great deal of time on defining metadata schemas with the hope appropriate values are applied to every asset within the collection. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and most assets have very limited or only a few keywords (tags) applied, making finding the right asset challenging.

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Natural Language Visual Search leverages a neural network of millions of assets to create meaningful search phrases, separate from your catalogs metadata.

Discoverability of assets is greatly increased for visual similarity and searches performed with natural phrasing—making it easy for any user to locate the correct asset.

Natural Language Visual Search greatly reduces the reliance on manual or automated entry of metadata, saving time for more productive tasks.



Easily discover highly relevant assets based on visual content

Natural language

Broad and deep search terms, independent of the existing catalog’s metadata

Neural network

Significantly more flexible and general than existing models, trained on a wide variety of images and natural language supervision


Basic, advanced, and visual search of library and created collections based on natural phrases makes sure all users find the correct asset

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Supercharge asset discovery based on visual similarity and natural phrasing—no tags required.

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