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I was a bit skeptical when I first read about Cloudinary, but after five minutes of goofing around with it I’m sold.
Cloudinary really helped us create a photo intensive UI in almost zero effort. You should definitely give it a try!
Totally amazed by Cloudinary. Should be part of every front-end dev's toolkit!
We just launched our app today using you guys for our image management. Love it!
Cloudinary is brilliant! Exactly what we need for image management in the cloud.
Cloudinary image management is totally unique, Love it. Saved us lot of dev time. Must Try.
Cloudinary is absurdly useful - I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before.
Cloudinary, you complete me. Or at least make my image-validating nodejs world easier.
I think Cloudinary is the best thing that ever happened to image upload / scaling industry. So easy to work with.
Cloudinary, where have you been all my life?

Customer Success stories

Here are some of the companies that trust Cloudinary as their
end-to-end image management solution

Cloudinary has proven itself as a solid partner that helps us host, transform and deliver millions of images to our users.

Answers.com is in the top 100 most visited website in the world. With Cloudinary, images uploaded to Answers are normalized, cropped using face detection and optimized, supporting a large set of image formats.

Thanks to Cloudinary we saved significant developer time on managing image transformations and writing code to adapt images to newly-needed sizes.

Keep is using Cloudinary to manage all their user uploaded images and support their beautiful responsive design across all different devices and web browsers. Read more...

Moving from our in-house image processing system to Cloudinary has allowed us to easily process and serve millions of images a day across all of our offerings.

Apartment List is obsessively focused on creating a compelling experience for their millions of monthly renters. They leverage Cloudinary's APIs to manage their images on their innovative web sites and mobile apps.

By switching our image delivery over to Cloudinary we sped up our development process tremendously. Looking forward to scaling together in the future!

Stylight is using Cloudinary on all their platforms (Web, iOS, Android) to apply different image transformations and delivery optimized images for the best user experience. Read more...

When it comes to headaches with images, Cloudinary has solved them all. It's rare to outsource a problem and save money. Somehow Cloudinary managed to do that.

Mediavine is one of the largest online entertainment networks around. Mediavine is using Cloudinary to speed up their uploading process and solve all their image related technical issue. Read more...

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