Video Optimization: Optimize Video Quality by Using the Power of AI


Experiences that engage and convert

High-quality, uninterrupted video experiences for e-commerce, on-demand or user-generated content.

Dynamic Cropping

Trusted by over 10,000 brands globally

High-performing video at scale

The world’s most demanding brands use Cloudinary to

  • Increase conversion on product pages with fast loading, high quality video 
  • Deliver event highlights, previews or how-to video in minutes across any channel or device
  • Adopt emerging trends like user generated video, shoppable video in days not months

Global fashion company Paul Smith tailors a bright, headless future

Paul Smith phone
boost in video
enabled sales
reduction in asset
management costs

“The fact that we could easily drop product videos into the DAM lead to an impressive 45% increase in sales of those products, because of the Cloudinary improvement to the campaign around it.”

— Hannah Bennett, Paul Smith Head of Digital

Product Capabilities & Features

Dynamic transformations for high-performance

Increase viewer engagement by dynamically optimizing video for size and quality based on user’s device or bandwidth. 

Ensure smooth, uninterrupted buffering with adaptive bitrate streaming.

Speed up your video workflows

Smartly crop, reframe videos with AI-powered automation to adapt for web, mobile or social.

Automate, optimize and manage user-generated video at scale.

smartly reformat

Auto-generate video previews to boost engagement

Intelligently generate eye-catching video previews or thumbnails to engage your audience.

With hovering autoplay, you can also reduce bandwidth and improve page load time.

Deliver on-brand video experiences

A built-in HTML5 video player widget makes it easy to configure player controls, skins, background themes, captions / subtitles, and more.

Configure shoppable videos to increase conversion to product pages.



Determining the right amount of video personalization to drive customer engagement.

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Learn how you can create effective product videos, best practices and the time-saving capabilities.

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