Video Optimization: Optimize Video Quality by Using the Power of AI


Experiences that engage and convert

Reach new customers and excite audiences with amazing, quality video experiences.

Dynamic Cropping

Global brands deliver captivating videos with Cloudinary

Increase video engagement

Video is by far the most engaging type of media content. It generates higher engagement rates than both text and image content combined.

Optimize video quality on-the-fly by using the power of AI to adapt to any channel and generate previews.

Reformation Designs Engaging Shopping Experiences

improved overall page load time
reduced bounce rate

“Cloudinary has so much functionality and is
constantly innovating its platform, that you
can decide how far you want to take it. One
of the things that’s so special to me about
Cloudinary is how it allows us to make continuous
enhancements to our website to ensure our users
have a great experience.”

— Jessica Chappell, Director of Product Management, Reformation

Product Capabilities & Features

Dynamic transformations for high-performance

Resize, crop, and enhance generated thumbnails to match your graphic design and layout.

Increase viewer engagement by automatically optimizing videos for the web. Easily generate eye-catching video thumbnails, allowing viewers to preview content.

Speed up time to market for video editing and delivery

Smartly crop, reframe videos with AI-powered automation to adapt for web, mobile, or social.

Easily adjust the size or aspect ratio to fit every device size.

smartly reformat

Auto-generated video previews that drive engagement

Intelligent automatic generation of video previews give viewers a quick look at the most interesting content.

Couple that with hovering autoplay, you can reduce bandwidth, improves page load times, attracts more views and click-throughs.

Deliver an on-brand experience everywhere.

A built-in HTML5 video player widget makes it easy to configure player controls, skins, background themes, captions/subtitles, and more.



Determining the right amount of video personalization to drive customer engagement.

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