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Calculate the approximate cost savings and revenue lift you could achieve with Cloudinary Video API.

Time & Cost Savings

Cost Savings, Automation


Revenue Boost

Revenue Boost, Optimized Video


Annual Impact:


Time and Cost Savings With Automation

With programmatic and AI-powered automation, Cloudinary speeds up video management, editing, and optimization tasks to reduce overhead and refocus video editor / developer time for higher-value activities.



Hours & Cost Savings Breakdown

XX,XXX Total Hours Saved With Cloudinary Per Year
Based on X,XXX management hours saved and X,XXX editing & optimization hours saved

  • Managing Hours
  • Editing & Optimizing Hours

$XX,XXX Total Cost Savings Per Year
Based on $XX,XXX management cost savings and $XX,XXX editing & optimization cost savings

  • Managing Costs
  • Editing & Optimizing Costs
Total Annual Impact

Adjust sliders to Determine your results.

55% average time saved by Cloudinary users.

  • 49 working weeks in a year
  • 40 hours worked per week
  • 55% time reduction using Cloudinary for video (based on actual customers)

Hours: Total Annual Work Hours of Video Professionals * Percentage of Time on Video Tasks * (1 - % Time Saved by Cloudinary)

Costs: Total Salary of Video Professionals * Percentage Time on Video Tasks * (1 - % Time saved by Cloudinary)

Disclaimer The results provided by this value calculator are estimates based on industry standards and customer averages. These estimates are intended for preliminary value assessment and not a guaranteed outcome. For a comprehensive and tailored evaluation specific to your organization's needs, please contact our sales team.


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