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Movidmo Cloudinary Upload Connector

Last updated: Jul-11-2024

Movidmo's Cloudinary Upload Connector provides Movidmo editors a seamless integration with Cloudinary's dynamic Media Library.

The Movidmo-Cloudinary integration described here was developed according to Cloudinary's best practices and has been reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

However, the integration is not maintained by Cloudinary. For all updates or questions related to this integration, please contact Movidmo support at


Movidmo is a video editing platform that empowers business owners, marketers, educators and others to easily tell their story in an engaging way.

With the Movidmo Upload Connector installed, users can build engaging video content with their Cloudinary media assets. In particular, users can:

  • Incorporate images and videos from Cloudinary into Movidmo projects.
  • Take advantage of the wide range of media transformations that Cloudinary provides.

The Safari browser may require additional steps when logging in to the Media Library. If you encounter an issue, follow the prompts to log in separately and attempt to open the Media Library again. Alternatively, use one of the other recommended browsers when working with Cloudinary.

Movidmo Upload Connector video tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to insert Cloudinary assets into a Movidmo project:

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