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Klish Group Cloudinary Connector for OpenText TeamSite

Last updated: Jul-19-2024

The Klish Group Cloudinary Connector provides OpenText TeamSite users and creative teams access to the Cloudinary dynamic Media Library within a single interface.

The OpenText TeamSite-Cloudinary integration described here was developed according to Cloudinary's best practices and has been reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

However, the integration is not maintained by Cloudinary. For all updates or questions related to this integration, please contact


Klish Group is a professional services firm specializing in Web and Digital Content Management strategy, design, and implementation, with twenty years of experience in OpenText TeamSite.

The Klish Group Cloudinary Connector utilizes the Cloudinary Media Library widget to browse or search for an asset from within TeamSite. The selected asset's URL and its alt text, if defined, are pulled into TeamSite for use within Data Capture Templates and Components.

Benefits and features provided by the Cloudinary Connector include:

  • The content author only needs to select a single asset, regardless of the number of target devices and viewports.
  • Utilizes Cloudinary as a single source-of-truth for digital assets.
  • Device-aware optimization for serving the best content for each web site visitor's device and viewport.
  • Leverages Cloudinary's enhanced image processing capabilities such as auto-cropping, face detection, background removal, content-aware metadata tagging, etc.
  • Custom asset optimizations can be set on a TeamSite managed site-by-site basis.

The Safari browser may require additional steps when logging in to the Media Library. If you encounter an issue, follow the prompts to log in separately and attempt to open the Media Library again. Alternatively, use one of the other recommended browsers when working with Cloudinary.

TeamSite integration video tutorial

This video tutorial shows you the ways in which you can use the Cloudinary Connector when editing content items in TeamSite:

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To learn more about installing, configuring, and using this connector, contact Klish Group at

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