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Last updated: Jul-11-2024

If you're a Master admin or Admin user, it may be your responsibility to define the way the DAM will be used in your organization, or within specific Cloudinary product environment(s). This includes adding users, configuring user roles and permissions, defining Media Library user groups, creating and managing structured metadata fields, and monitoring usage statistics, graphs, and other reports. Users with a Master admin role can additionally set Media Library and overall account options.

This guide provides detailed information about these topics:

User and group management

Create and manage the users and user groups in your account, and grant different permissions levels.


Use your SAML-compliant identity provider to provide single sign-on. You can also add provisioning functionality to create users on the fly the first time they select to log in to Cloudinary.

Settings and preferences

View and set Media Library preferences, account and product environment settings, and choose which optional apps to make available to your account users.

Folder modes

Learn about the differences between dynamic and fixed folder modes.

Upload presets

Create upload presets to standardize the way Media Library users upload assets.

Structured metadata

Define the structured metadata fields that can be set for your media assets to improve searchability and discoverability.

Asset management

Configure settings that enable users to perform certain actions on their assets, and set security options for assets directly.

Asset usage data

View usage reports and statistics.

Before going on to plan and configure the way the Cloudinary DAM will be used in your organization, you'll also want to familiarize yourself with the DAM capabilities available through the Media Library by taking a look at the high level overview in the Get started page and all the pages of the DAM user guide, which describes all features available to Media Library users, including:

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