Sharing assets - Chapter 3 (video tutorial)

Last updated: Jul-11-2024


Watch this video tutorial to learn about our brand portal integration and explore the best way for your organization to share assets.

If you're using the free plan, some of the functionality may differ from what's described in the video.

Video tutorial

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Tutorial contents

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Jump to this spot in the video  0:00 The first video tutorial in this series focused on how to share content as individual assets internally and externally. The second video tutorial centered on internally sharing assets at the folder level and sharing collections both internally and externally. This video tutorial deals with sharing assets as part of a brand portal and exploring the best way for your organization to share assets.

Share your content using's Cloudinary integration

Jump to this spot in the video  1:16 As a paid-for extension to Cloudinary, you can share your content using a brand portal by, one of Cloudinary's trusted partners. All the content that you've managed, curated, and tagged using Cloudinary can be displayed and shared publicly using's engaging frontend. To make an impacting impression for press and PR delivery sites, wholesaler networks and more, work with the team to build the right frontend for you.

View a sample brand portal

Jump to this spot in the video  3:25 The Cloudinary integration allows you to easily build an engaging website for sharing your Cloudinary assets. The brand portal provides a brand theme and style, enforces security with user login capabilities and more. To find out more details, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Summary of asset sharing

Jump to this spot in the video  5:36 We've discussed sharing an individual asset, sharing an asset folder, sharing a collection internally and externally, and sharing content via's integration with Cloudinary.

What's the best way for me to manage asset sharing?

Jump to this spot in the video  5:55 Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding what's the best way to manage and share your assets:
  • Who should have access to which assets? Set up your folder structure and content accordingly, because user permissions to assets are determined on the folder level.
  • Can I group users according to their need to access similar assets? Create user groups to simplify granting permission to asset folders.
  • What are my requirements when sharing assets publicly? You can share time-limited public links to collections, restricted to downloading assets using selected transformation templates, for security. If you want to upgrade security as well as the look and feel of your shared asset websites, you can use's brand portal solution.

Where can I learn more?

Jump to this spot in the video  10:46 Visit the Cloudinary Academy to see the latest courses, webinars and product updates, including the Introduction to DAM Users and Content Editors Two-Hour Course. Don't hesitate to contact support or send an email to Visit our community forum, where you can get to know other users and find answers to your questions.

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