Assets release notes: April 10, 2024

Last updated: Apr-10-2024

New features

Primary attribute

Admins who rely on visual communication to convey asset status to users can now select a key attribute that will consistently be displayed across all Media Library pages and views. In both Card and Mosaic views, the primary attribute is displayed on the asset, while in List view, it's highlighted in the first colomn. This ensures that crucial information is always readily available and prominently showcased.

Primary attribute in mosaic view

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Templates in Studio

You can now easily open an existing template in Studio and apply it directly to assets for downloading the resulting variations, or obtaining their delivery URLs. Additionally, you have the option to apply further transformations to templates, save your changes, or save as a new template.

This enhancement will streamline your workflow, allowing for more efficient asset management and customization within Studio.

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Improvements in publicly shared collections

External users accessing the public collection website now have the ability to download only the assets relevant to their search results. This feature enhances the experience by allowing users to focus on specific search results. Additionally, the display showcases a new mosaic layout, refreshing the appearance of the collection.

Improvements in publicly shared collections

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Define default landing page

Admins now have the ability to select the default landing page for their users, tailored to best suit their organization's needs. The available options include Homepage, Assets, or Folders.

Define default landing page


Generative replace in Studio

You can now use Cloudinary's Generative Replace feature directly within Studio. This means you can take advantage of natural language prompts and generative AI to detect and replace objects in images.

Generative replace in Studio

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Edit individual images using the Studio interface

You can now utilize the intuitive Studio interface to manually resize and crop, as well as enhance, individual images, directly from the asset management drill-down page.

Studio interface for editing individual images

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Improved Product Environment Selector placement

The Product Environment Selector is now located at the top of the Product Navigation menu, making it easier to switch between product environments and identify which product environment you're in.

Product Environment Selector placement

New placement options for image overlays in Studio

You now have access to five additional overlay image placement options when using the Image Overlay tool in Studio.

Placement options for image overlays in Studio

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Filter by a custom range in structured metadata date fields

You can now refine your searches by filtering your structured metadata fields by a custom range.

Custom range in structured metadata date fields

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Enhanced assets management experience on the Assets page

Now, whenever new assets are uploaded, the Assets page refreshes automatically, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date view. Additionally, if you've applied a filter, when relevant, we'll remind you to refresh the page to see any newly uploaded assets that match your filter criteria.

Assets page uploaded assets management experience

Undo single asset deletion

You can now easily undo the deletion of a single asset, minimizing accidental deletions. Just click Undo immediately after deleting the asset to restore it instantly.

Undo single asset deletion

Customize the size of your asset cards

Enjoy greater flexibility in viewing your assets by customizing the size of your asset cards in Card view to maximize your viewing area.

Card size selection

Coming soon

Tags and structured metadata in publicly shared collections

Soon, publicly shared collection websites will offer the option to filter assets by tags and metadata fields, further improving the workflow.

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