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Last updated: Jul-19-2024


Thanks to Cloudinary’s Advanced Search feature, you can easily find files by any combination of criteria. This tutorial demonstrates how to find assets by the dates they were added to the Media Library.

Video tutorial

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Tutorial contents

This tutorial presents the following topics. Click a timestamp to jump to that part of the video.

Access the advanced search tool

Jump to this spot in the video  0:14 Log into Cloudinary. Then, go to your Media Library and select the Advanced Search icon in the search bar.

Search for assets by custom date ranges

Jump to this spot in the video  0:36 Select Custom range in the Time section to display the associated content in the defined date range.

Find assets based on when they were created, uploaded or taken

Jump to this spot in the video  1:02 With the chosen date range, find assets based on when they were uploaded to your Cloudinary product environment or taken on a camera, based on EXIF data associated with the asset.

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