Digital Asset Management (DAM) tutorials

Last updated: May-15-2024

This page offers a library of short video tutorials introducing you to Cloudinary's DAM console and features.

DAM administration

Folder Sharing
Define sharing permissions for user groups
Collection management
Group assets from various folders into a single location
Collection sharing
Collaborate with internal and external users
Transformation Templates (Presets)
Apply complex crops, optimizations and artistic details with one click

Using DAM features

Media Library Upload
Drag & drop or select from remote sources to upload
Video Management Intro
Upload and manage videos in the Media Library
Advanced Search
Use advanced search to find assets by date range

Assets onboarding

Asset structure - Metadata & tags
Make your assets easily searchable by adding metadata and tags
Asset structure -
Utilize folders for efficient asset organization and searchability
Dashboard and Reports
Leverage the dashboard and reporting features within Assets and Programmable Media
Sharing assets -
Chapter 1
Share individual assets internally and externally.
Sharing assets -
Chapter 2
Share assets via folders and collections.
Sharing assets -
Chapter 3
Learn about's Cloudinary brand portal solution and asset sharing considerations.
Searching for Assets
Learn about the different methods for performing asset searches.
Learn about creating asset variations with transformations.

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