Query Builder

The Query Builder feature enables you to perform a complex search with different 'AND' or 'OR' rules. You can enter a search expression into the search bar of using the Search API expression syntax.

Query Builder

Search using an expression

To perform a search using an expression:

  1. Open the Query Builder:
    • Type a special character in the Global Search bar at the top right of the Media Library and select Search by query from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the Query Builder from Media Library OR
    • Navigate to the Advanced Search and select Query Builder from the Advanced Search drop-down menu. Navigate to the Query Builder from Advanced Search
  2. Type a Search API expression in the search bar and press enter.


  • Find assets with a name that starts with 2019 (but not assets that contain 2019 in another token within the name): filename=2019*
    (The equal sign forces exact search rather than searching within any token, while the asterisk indicates any number of characters after the defined string)
  • Find all image assets with a width between 800 and 1028 pixels, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and that has BOTH 'sale' and 'shoe' as tag values (where sale must be an exact tag value, while shoe can match any token within a tag value (dress-shoe as a tag will match):
    resource_type=image AND width:{800 TO 1028} AND aspect_ratio="16:9" AND tags="sale" AND tags:"shoe"

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