Query Builder

Last updated: Dec-28-2022

The Query Builder feature enables you to perform a complex search with different 'AND' or 'OR' rules. You can enter a search expression into the search bar of using the Search API expression syntax.

Query Builder

Search using an expression

To perform a search using an expression:

  1. Open the Query Builder:
    • Type a special character in the Global Search bar located at the top right of the Media Library and select Search by query from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the Query Builder from Media Library OR
    • Navigate to the Advanced Search and select Query Builder from the Advanced Search drop-down menu. Navigate to the Query Builder from Advanced Search
  2. Type a Search API expression in the search bar and press enter.


  • Find assets with a name that starts with 2019 (but not assets that contain 2019 in another token within the name): filename=2019*
    (The equal sign forces exact search rather than searching within any token, while the asterisk indicates any number of characters after the defined string)
  • Find all image assets with a width between 800 and 1028 pixels, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and that has BOTH 'sale' and 'shoe' as tag values (where sale must be an exact tag value, while shoe can match any token within a tag value (dress-shoe as a tag will match):
    resource_type=image AND width:{800 TO 1028} AND aspect_ratio="16:9" AND tags="sale" AND tags:"shoe"

Saved searches

You can save your search and come back to it any time. Click Save Search and assign your search a descriptive name. Once your search is saved, the drop-down at the top left will show the name of your saved search.

From that drop-down, you can select a different Search mode, for example, Advanced Search and Query Builder, or you can select to view any of your Saved searches.

You can select to perform the following actions on the saved search you're viewing from the (3-dots) options menu:

  • Save Changes: Save the filtering edits you've made, overwriting the original saved search.
  • Save As...: Save the filtering edits you've made as a new saved search.
  • Delete Saved Search: Deletes the saved search. The deleted saved search can't be retrieved.

Saved searches

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