DAM release notes: Feb 22, 2023

Last updated: Sep-28-2023

New features

DAM Admin Dashboard

You can now view summary details and trend graphs that help you analyze and optimize your overall DAM usage, including:

  • Overview information of your DAM entities, i.e., assets, users, collections, and media portals.
  • The number of external links recently viewed per published collection.
  • A breakdown of total asset recently uploaded to your DAM.

    Learn more.

DAM Admin Dashboard

  • The DAM Admin Dashboard is only available to DAM customers on a paid plan.
  • Currently, only a user with the Master admin role can view the dashboard. If you're accessing the Media Library as Master admin and don't see the new dashboard, contact support and ask them to enable the feature for you.

3D model previews

You can now enjoy full support for previewing and interacting with your 3D models in the Manage page. Rotate the models to view them from all sides. Supported file formats include GLTF, GLB, GLTZ, OBJZ and FBXZ. Learn more.

Previewing 3D images in the manage page

Related assets

The new related assets feature allows you to easily retrieve assets that are linked to each other, based on the specific needs of your organization. For example, you can relate a video to its product shots, or a product image with its variations, such as side view, close ups, swatch, full look, etc.

Once the relationships are created, you can easily view a selected asset's related images. Select an asset that has relationships with other assets and open its Preview pane or Manage page. There, you can see all the assets related to it in the new Related Assets tab. Learn more.

Related assets

Only DAM customers on a paid plan can access the related assets feature from the Media Library.

Bulk update metadata

You can now easily update structured metadata fields for a large number of assets at once by importing a CSV file containing the relevant metadata fields and their updated values. Cloudinary will automatically update the structured metadata for the assets you listed in the CSV file, saving time and minimizing errors. Learn more.

Media Library (3-dots) options menu

This feature is only available to DAM customers on a paid plan.

Quick access to popular searches

This new option provides quick access to three of the most popular searches, directly from the Advanced Search drop-down menu:

  • My uploads: View all the assets that you, as the current user, uploaded.
  • Recent uploads: View the assets that were uploaded within the last 7 days.
  • Deleted assets: View the assets that were deleted from your product environment.

    Learn more.

Quick searches

  • Access to this new feature is only available when using the New Navigation. As a Master admin, you can enable the New Navigation (opt in) from the Account page of your Console Settings.
  • Because it's now accessible via the Quick search, Recently uploaded is longer displayed in the top toolbar of the Media Library.

Asset card customization

You can now replace the basic media attributes (i.e., format, size and duration) displayed by default on the asset card with data that you want to readily see. This can streamline your workflow, because you'll be able to see relevant information directly on the asset cards, instead of having to open the Preview pane or Manage page to find it. Learn more.

Asset card customization

Filter by access control

The new access control filter provides a new filtering criteria that allows you to further narrow down your search results and find exactly what you need. Filter for assets that are:

  • Public: Always accessible to the public.
  • Restricted: Unaccessible to the public, with or without time-limited access configured.
  • Time limited: Restricted assets that are accessible to the public only during a specified period of time.

    Learn more.

Filter by access control

Copy tags to clipboard

You can now copy tags from one asset to another, saving you time while managing asset metadata in the Media Library. Learn more.

Copy tags


  • New navigation experience updates:
    • When opening the Console Settings in the new navigation experience, the Account page is now opened as the landing page, instead of My profile.
    • There’s now a back arrow at the top-left of the Settings interface, allowing easier and quicker navigation when going from the Settings back to the Product Navigation in the console.

      If you're still using the old Console interface and you want to try out the new navigation experience now, you can activate it from the Account page in your Console Settings. The new navigation experience will be rolled out to all customers by the end of Q1 2023.
  • Visual enhancements:
    • Thumbnails for rejected assets: If you have moderation permissions, you can now see thumbnails of rejected assets from the Moderation page, allowing for better, more efficient management of rejected assets. Learn more.
    • Color changes: The colors of the icons for each asset type (image, video and raw) have been updated to match our new design system and branding.
    • New asset card placeholders: The asset card placeholders have been redesigned to provide a pleasant overall experience while assets are loading.
  • Advanced Search:
    • "NOT" queries supported in the UI: You can now search for assets that don't contain a specific value, or contain an empty value in a specific field, using the Advanced Search. Learn more.
  • Collections:
    • Filter collections by name: A new free text search bar in the Collections view allows you to easily find your collection. Start typing in a collection name to view matching results. Learn more.
  • List View: Manage your assets in List View more easily than ever before.
    • Select data to display: You can now show only the columns in the list that are relevant to you, and hide all the others. In addition, to support your use cases, the different columns you select in each Media Library view (Assets, Folders, Collections and Moderation) are saved in that view for the next time you visit it. Learn more.
    • Usability improvements: You can now resize columns and scroll horizontally to see all your data. In addition, when you hover over an asset in List View, an enlarged thumbnail opens, allowing you to quickly preview the assets you're managing.
    • Sort assets by standard and structured metadata fields: In List View, you can now sort assets by the standard fields (e.g., Asset types and Creation date) as well as the structured metadata fields you've selected to show, to manage your assets more efficiently. Learn more.
  • Uploading in Assets view: You can now upload selected media files or folders from your file system to the root folder of your product environment via the Upload widget by dragging and dropping them in the Assets view. Learn more.


  • A validation rule enforcing a minimum number of characters no longer prevents you from emptying a non-mandatory structured metadata field.

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