MediaFlows (Beta)

Last updated: Jul-25-2023

MediaFlows is currently in Beta. Changes in implementation details may occur prior to General Availability. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Feel free to reach out via the Intercom button on our website. As a Beta product, Cloudinary users who use MediaFlows should be aware that:
  • Their current Cloudinary support plan does not apply to MediaFlows.
  • The response time for MediaFlows-related issues will be up to one business day.

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MediaFlows allows developers to build flexible and scalable media applications with the help of a visual and intuitive web-based drag-and-drop interface.

MediaFlows has the capability to connect Cloudinary APIs and other third-party services, providing you with the power to design, deploy, test, and scale media applications in minutes, not days.

Example flow

To start building your next media application, go to

Each flow is composed of a set of functional blocks that you connect together, creating step-by-step actions to execute. Blocks can be used for a variety of actions, from interacting with media in Cloudinary, to sending notification emails. You can trigger flows using webhooks, or schedule them to run at predefined times.

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