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Chioro Cloudinary Operation

Last updated: Nov-14-2023

Chioro's Cloudinary operation enables Chioro editors and product managers to use Cloudinary as their single source of truth for all digital assets, leveraging Cloudinary's powerful automatic enhancement and optimization features.

The Chioro-Cloudinary integration described here was developed according to Cloudinary's best practices and has been reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

However, the integration is not maintained by Cloudinary. For all updates or questions related to this integration, please contact Chioro support.


Chioro by eCube is cloud-based solution that helps e-commerce businesses manage product data by allowing you to automatically prepare, refine, and transform data before you send it out to your shops or marketplaces. With Chioro's Cloudinary operation, you can ensure that your images and videos are also transformed, optimized, and enhanced upon delivery.

The Chioro Cloudinary operation enables integration with Cloudinary from your Chioro product data transformation pipeline. Using a CSV file, you can upload the images and videos for your product detail pages from Chioro to Cloudinary, assigning them consistent names and metadata. You can insert transformations into your delivery URLs to optimize and enhance the product assets hosted in Cloudinary. The Cloudinary URLs for your transformed assets are then added back into your product data catalog that can be delivered to any system.

The Chioro integration does not work with Cloudinary's upload preset feature, which enables you to automatically change the publicID and location of assets uploaded to Cloudinary. Due to the nature of Chioro's transformation pipelines, the names of the assets have to be specified within Chioro.

The Chioro dataset

This image from the Chioro interface shows what a product dataset looks like before and after installing the Cloudinary operation. Before the Cloudinary operation is installed, the formats and storage locations of the assets are neither standardized nor consistent. With Chioro's Cloudinary operation running, all the URLs call assets that are hosted in Cloudinary, and the names are standardized. In this example, the values in the publicId column have been chosen to serve as asset names. In addition, transformations can be added while importing the assets or at another time.

Chioro dataset before and after the Cloudinary operation is installed

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