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Stackbit Cloudinary Integration

Last updated: Nov-14-2023

Stackbit's Advanced Cloudinary DAM app provides Stackbit editors and creative teams a seamless integration with Cloudinary's dynamic Media Library.

The Stackbit-Cloudinary integration described here was developed according to Cloudinary's best practices and has been reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

However, the integration is not maintained by Cloudinary. For all updates or questions related to this integration, please contact Stackbit support.


Stackbit is a visual site builder for websites, made for efficient collaboration between developers and content editors.

Stackbit's Cloudinary integration enables:

  • Adding Cloudinary assets to content created in Stackbit, directly from within the Stackbit interface: Cloudinary's Media Library Widget opens from any asset field in Stackbit's interface, enabling assets to be easily edited, optimized, transformed, selected and inserted. Stackbit enables you to immediately view how the new content will look on the page.
  • Using any content source that both Stackbit and Cloudinary support, including headless CMS platforms (e.g., Contentful and Sanity) and plain files: Once you install the Cloudinary integration for your CMS of choice and configure any fields in the CMS as Cloudinary-based assets, Stackbit will automatically provide Cloudinary's widget when editing these fields.
  • Customizing components for Stackbit's interface that utilize Cloudinary capabilities: Developers can create components that leverage Cloudinary's powerful AI capabilities, optimizations, and transformations to suit content editors' needs. For example, developers can create a component that enables content editors to configure the crop mode or filters for an asset, from directly within the Stackbit's editor.

    View this demo showcasing a component that makes gallery images responsive.

The Safari browser may require additional steps when logging in to the Media Library. If you encounter an issue, follow the prompts to log in separately and attempt to open the Media Library again. Alternatively, use one of the other recommended browsers when working with Cloudinary.

Stackbit integration video tutorial

This video tutorial highlights the added value of using Stackbit's Cloudinary integration and shows how to use it:

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