Assets release notes: January 31, 2024

Last updated: Jan-31-2024

New features

Console branding

Admins can now choose the theme color for the Console in the Media Library Preferences menu. Selected themes apply to all users per product environment.

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Set branding in Preferences Set branding in Preferences The branded Console The branded Console

Media Library Homepage

Accessible via the Home tab in the Media Library, the new homepage offers users and admins improved communication, task management, and streamlined content access.

The first phase, now live, includes the following features:

  • Admins can personalize the hero image per product environment from the Media Library Preferences menu.
  • Admins can select from a set of predefined searches for users to access.
  • Saved searches shared by admins will be accessible from the homepage of users with they shared with.

New homepage

Streamline asset revisions with pixel replacement

You can now upload revised versions of existing assets directly from the asset management drill-down page. This includes the option to replace pixels in an asset without the previous requirement of uploading the entire asset in the Media Library using a matching public ID, greatly improving efficiency and ease of use.

Replace an asset in the asset management drill-down page

Sharing a saved search

Introducing the ability to share saved searches. Experienced users and admins can now share their saved searches with others, aiding those who may not be familiar with the taxonomy used to organize assets. In addition, saved searches shared by admins will be accessible from the homepage of users they shared with.

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Generative restore in Studio

Now you can utilize Generative AI to correct old and damaged images, bringing new life to your visual content, directly within Studio.

Replace an asset in the asset management drill-down page

Add favorites to the homepage

You can now select the folders, collections and saved search you use the most, mark them as favorites and access them directly from the homepage.

Favorites in the homepage

Customize data in List and Card views

Admins can now customize the attributes displayed by default for asset cards and columns in Cards and List views from the Media Library Preferences menu, ensuring that users view the attributes deemed essential for their workflows.

Set branding in Preferences Set default attributes in Preferences The branded Console View default attributes in asset cards


Enhanced search features for public collection webpages

Our public collection webpage now boasts three additional capabilities: Search, Filter, and Sort. These enhancements enable external users to navigate through the collection more easily and efficiently.

New capabilities in public collection webpage

Automated email notifications for internal sharing

Exciting update for collaborative teams: when sharing a folder, saved search or collection internally, an email will automatically be sent to the invited users, complete with an optional message from the sharer.

Share notification

Coming soon

Improved Product Environment Selector placement

The Product Environment Selector will soon be relocated to the top of the Product Navigation menu, making it easier to switch between product environments and identify which product environment you're in.

Product Environment Selector placement

Primary attribute

Admins who rely on visual communication to convey asset status to users will gain the ability to select a key attribute that will consistently be displayed on the assets in all views, including both Card and Mosaic. In List view, the primary attribute will be highlighed in the first column, ensuring that crucial information is always readily available and prominently showcased.

Primary attribute in mosaic view

Display a logo in your homepage

In addition to adding a hero image to your homepage, you'll also be able to brand it with your own logo.

Logo displayed on the homepage

Branding in public collection webpages

Custom color and logo selected to brand the Assets console will be also used to brand the public collection webpage shared externally.

Branded public collection webpage

Templates in Studio

You'll soon be able to easily open an existing template in Studio and apply it directly to assets for downloading the resulting variations, or obtaining their delivery URLs. Additionally, you have the option to apply further transformations to templates, save your changes, or save as a new template.

This enhancement will streamline your workflow, allowing for more efficient asset management and customization within Studio.

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