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Last updated: Oct-31-2023

Cloudinary provides a variety of methods to help you find your assets.

Topic Description
'search' API method The Cloudinary API search method allows you fine control on filtering and retrieving information on all the assets in your product environment with the help of query expressions.
Cacheable search URLs Learn how to generate a search URL that can then be used to return and cache the results of a specified search.
Visual Search Details on how to find images based on their visual content, as opposed to their public ID or metadata, and is a powerful way to find products, places, people, and things in images that are visually similar.
Media Explorer search See how to use the Media Explorer to search for media assets in your product environment by choosing from a variety of filtering criteria.
Search Expressions Learn how to build a search query using a Lucene-like query language. Expressions are used in the search and cacheable search URLs methods.

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