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Transformation Builder (video tutorial)

Last updated: Feb-26-2024


New to the Transformation Builder? Watch this tutorial for an overview of its capabilities and how you can use it to create and save transformations for use on multiple assets.

Video tutorial

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Tutorial contents

This tutorial presents the following topics. Click a timestamp to jump to that part of the video.

Welcome to the Transformation Builder

Jump to this spot in the video  0:00 Welcome to the Transformation Builder. Here, you can play with your videos and images, either by making alterations one step at a time, or by telling our AI chat interface how you want them to look. Your original assets will remain intact, you’re just creating new variations.

Edit, use and save a transformation

Jump to this spot in the video  0:30 Use the Quick Edit to tweak the result, known as a "transformation", and once you’re happy, try out the same transformation on different assets, copy the delivery URL or your preferred code snippet, or save the transformation as a "named transformation" for easier reuse in the future.

Keep learning

Related topics
  • Learn more about named transformations in the image and video transformation guides.
  • See all possible transformations in the Transformation URL API reference.

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