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Restore deleted assets (video tutorial)

Last updated: Mar-18-2024


If you're like most of us, you've probably deleted assets, only to realize days or weeks later that you need them back. Thanks to Cloudinary's extensive backup system, it's easy to retrieve your deleted files inside of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

Video tutorial

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Tutorial contents

This tutorial presents the following topics. Click a timestamp to jump to that part of the video.

Enable backups

Jump to this spot in the video  0:15 Review our tutorial on this process, especially if you have not already enabled backups or if you want to ensure you have correctly done so.
Jump to this spot in the video  0:33 If you're trying to restore assets that you deleted before enabling backups, please contact our support team. We will work with you to determine your options.

Find your deleted assets

To restore an asset, you need to know its public ID. If you don't already know the ID, you can use the Advanced Search feature of the Media Library to find it.

Jump to this spot in the video  0:45 Step 1: Log into your Cloudinary Digital Asset Management system, then select its Media Library.
Jump to this spot in the video  1:09 Step 2: Navigate to the Media Library's Advanced Search bar, and select the Delivery Types filter.
Jump to this spot in the video  1:18 Step 3: Scroll down the list until you find the Deleted asset option. At this point, any assets that have been deleted in this product environment will be displayed.
Jump to this spot in the video  1:31 Step 4: Add additional criteria to find your specific asset, such as typing its public ID into the Advanced Search text field.

Access and restore a deleted asset

Jump to this spot in the video  1:40 Select the Restore link for your deleted asset after you have found it, either through the Preview pane or by inspecting the asset.

Options for assets deleted via Bulk Delete

Jump to this spot in the video  2:46 If you have used the Bulk Delete feature to delete assets, you may need to reach out to our support team to restore them instead of using the earlier shown methods. We can review your system and evaluate your options.

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