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Last updated: Feb-26-2024

You can register for a variety of add-ons that offer unique image and/or video processing or delivery capabilities. Some of these are based on advanced Cloudinary AI functionality and others provide special functionality from a variety of vision and media processing partners. The add-ons are simple to use and fully integrated into Cloudinary's image and video management pipeline.

Available add-ons

Auto-Tagging Protection
   Amazon Rekognition Auto Tagging    Amazon Rekognition AI Moderation
   Google Auto Tagging    Amazon Rekognition Video Moderation
   Google Automatic Video Tagging    Google AI Video Moderation
   Imagga Auto Tagging    Perception Point Malware Detection
     WebPurify Image Moderation
Transformations Analysis
   Aspose Document Conversion    Cloudinary AI Remove the Background
   Imagga Crop and Scale    Cloudinary AI Content Analysis
   Pixelz - Remove the Background    Google AI Video Transcription
   URL2PNG Website Screenshots    Google Translation
   VIESUS™ Automatic Image Enhancement    Microsoft Azure Video Indexer
   OCR Text Detection and Extraction
   Advanced Facial Attributes Detection
   Amazon Rekognition Celebrity Detection
   Cloudinary Duplicate Image Detection

Registering for add-ons

To register for an add-on, make sure you are logged into Cloudinary, go to the Add-ons page and select a monthly plan. When registering for an add-on, consider the following:

  • Most add-ons provide a Free plan with a small monthly quota. In most cases, you can register for these, even when on a Free plan.
  • Paid add-on plans with a larger monthly quota require a Cloudinary account on a paid plan.
  • You can view your add-on subscriptions and current usage in the Add-ons page in the Cloudinary console.
  • Some third-party add-on plans require that you review and accept their terms of service.

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