Cloudinary add-ons enable you to enhance your images and videos using functionality offered by our vision and image processing partners. The add-ons are simple to use and fully integrated into Cloudinary's image and video management pipeline.

Available add-ons

Auto-Tagging Protection
   Amazon Rekognition Auto Tagging    Amazon Rekognition AI Moderation
   Google Auto Tagging    Amazon Rekognition Video Moderation
   Google Automatic Video Tagging    Google AI Video Moderation
   Imagga Auto Tagging    MetaDefender Anti-Malware Protection
     WebPurify Image Moderation
Transformations Analysis
   Adobe Photoshop Lightroom    Cloudinary AI Remove the Background
   Aspose Document Conversion    Cloudinary Object-Aware Cropping
   Imagga Crop and Scale    Google AI Video Transcription
   JPEGmini Image Optimization    Google Translation
   Pixelz - Remove the Background    Microsoft Azure Video Indexer
   URL2PNG Website Screenshots    Neural Artwork Style Transfer
   VIESUS™ Automatic Image Enhancement    OCR Text Detection and Extraction
   Advanced Facial Attributes Detection
   Amazon Rekognition Celebrity Detection

Registering for add-ons

To register for an add-on, make sure you are logged in to your account, go to the Add-ons page and select a monthly plan. When registering for an add-on, consider the following:

  • Most add-ons provide a free plan with a small monthly quota. In most cases, you can register for these, even when on a free Cloudinary plan.
  • Paid add-on plans with a larger monthly quota require a Cloudinary account on a paid plan.
  • You can view your add-on subscriptions and current usage both on the Add-ons page and on the Dashboard in the Cloudinary console.
  • Some third-party add-on plans require that you review and accept their terms of service.

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