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Programmable Media release notes: July 13, 2023

Last updated: Jul-13-2023

New features

Generative AI fill transformation (Beta)

Our new generative fill transformation uses AI for advanced image editing tasks. When you crop or resize, this tool uses generative AI to fill in any blank pixels, naturally matching them with the image. It can also restore any key elements accidentally cropped from the image.

Specify b_gen_fill with padding crop modes (c_pad, c_lpad, c_mpad, c_fill_pad) to see it in action.

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Take a look at the examples in this video:

Generative AI replace transformation (Beta)

Amplify your creative freedom and efficiency with Cloudinary's new generative AI replace transformation. This transformation simplifies complex image editing tasks by enabling you to replace objects or elements in your images, creating new contexts and enhancing aesthetics programmatically. It's now easier than ever to adapt and diversify your visual assets. Whether you're looking to virtually alter product attributes in various verticals or tweak some things, generative replace (e_gen_replace) has you covered.

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Take a look at the examples in this video:

Conversational Transformation Builder (Beta)

Introducing Cloudinary's Conversational Transformation Builder, leveraging the power of GPT for an intuitive, natural language interface. This feature allows you to express your desired image or video transformation in your own words, with immediate tailored transformation syntax and media previews returned. Here's how it works:

Adjust video brightness with a straightforward request such as, "Increase video brightness".

Resize images effortlessly by simply saying, "Resize image to 500 pixels width".

Layer transformations onto an image with a comprehensive command like, "Increase the image saturation by 50%, apply a vignette effect, and add a semi-transparent text overlay in the center".

Optimize your social campaigns with specific requests such as, "Optimize this photo for a Facebook story, center the main subject, and ensure visibility on smaller screens".

Engage with image and video transformations in a conversational, user-friendly manner. Experience the difference today.

This feature is being rolled out gradually in a controlled release process. We're eager for you to experience it soon.

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Take a look at the examples in this video:

Video overview page

The new video overview page is designed to provide improved visibility and seamless navigation across our end-to-end video solution, encouraging exploration and adoption of our comprehensive range of powerful solutions and tools for managing and optimizing video content.

It enhances the in-product video experience and empowers you with powerful features and insights. Discover key aspects such as streaming, the Cloudinary Video Player, video analytics, editing and management. Additionally, you can explore details about our video pricing and access a diverse collection of demos and blogs dedicated to various video-related topics.

See the video overview page in your Console.

Video overview page


Cloudinary commercetools extension

The Cloudinary commercetools extension is based on the MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture, which gives businesses the freedom and agility to build their composable stack using the best tools on the market for each particular need.

The headless extension provides the freedom to create a fully customized frontend. It leverages Cloudinary’s advanced media management, transformation, delivery, and optimization features to manage the product media used on commercetools, a next generation composable commerce platform that gives the flexibility, agility and scalability to craft one-of-a-kind customer experiences.

What’s in it?

  • Automatic publishing of assets (images, videos, spinsets, 3D) to products in commercetools
  • Updating commercetools product metadata with properties from Cloudinary
  • Using hosted functions as the main driver between Cloudinary and commercetools - AWS, Google (GCP) and Azure are supported

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Commerce Cartridge for Headless

If you're using, or want to use, headless architecture with B2C Commerce to build a customized frontend solution, then this is the cartridge for you. By extending Salesforce's native API, Open Commerce API (OCAPI) or Salesforce Commerce API (SCAPI), the B2C Commerce Cartridge for Headless enables you to embed Cloudinary images, videos, galleries, widgets, and players into your custom frontend.

These features can also be used by a fast and flexible architecture based on the Progressive Web App Kit or any other frontend supported framework.

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Take a look at this video for an overview:

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