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Rename assets

Last updated: Mar-18-2024

The public ID of a renamed media asset is immediately and permanently updated in your cloud storage with the rename method of the API. Any existing URLs of renamed assets and their associated derived assets are no longer valid, but assets and transformed assets already downloaded by visitors of your website might still be accessible for a certain period of time through cached copies on the CDN.

You can set the invalidate parameter to true while renaming an asset in order to also invalidate the cached copies of the asset on the CDN. It usually takes between a few seconds and a few minutes for the invalidation to fully propagate through the CDN. There are also a number of other important considerations when using the invalidate functionality.

For example, renaming an image with the public ID of old_name to new_name:

For complete details on all available options, see the rename method.

MediaFlows, Cloudinary’s drag-and-drop workflow builder for image and video, enables users to easily rename media at scale in a low-code implementation. See MediaFlow’s documentation on renaming media here.

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