Community-developed libraries

Web and mobile developers have developed a variety of Cloudinary integration libraries. We invite you to use and contribute to these libraries:

   Gatsby Offers two Gatsby plugins that enable you to to fetch media assets from Cloudinary (gatsby-source-cloudinary) and upload images from file nodes to Cloudinary (gatsby-transformer-cloudinary) and then transform them to Cloudinary file nodes.
   Gridsome Offers plugins that enable you to fetch image assets from Cloudinary into Gridsome (gridsome-source-cloudinary) and to upload images to Cloudinary and apply transformations (gridsome-plugin-cloudinary). You can also use the generic gridsome-transformer-img to upload and load local images with Cloudinary as the loader.
   Laravel The cloudinary-laravel package enables you to upload, optimize, transform and deliver media files using Cloudinary. It also provides a fluent and expressive API to attach your media files to Eloquent models.
   NuxtJS Enables you to upload, optimize and transform images and videos in a Nuxt application with the @nuxtjs/cloudinary module.
   Storefront UI Offers Cloudinary components that enable you to enhance and optimize your media while building your front end in Vue or Nuxt.


  • These libraries are developed, tested and maintained by the community. Bug fixes and feature requests should be submitted in the relevant repository.
  • Throughout this documentation site, unless otherwise specified, the term "SDKs" refers to official Cloudinary SDKs. That information may or may not be accurate for these community-developed framework integration libraries. For information on setup, configuration and usage of these libraries, refer to the relevant community documentation.

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