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Community-developed libraries

Last updated: Oct-26-2022

Web and mobile developers have developed a variety of Cloudinary integration libraries.

  • Community-developed libraries are developed, tested and maintained by the community. Bug fixes and feature requests should be submitted in the relevant repository.
  • Throughout this documentation site, unless otherwise specified, the term "SDKs" refers to official Cloudinary SDK libraries. That information may or may not be relevant or accurate for these community-developed framework integration libraries. For information on setup, configuration and usage of these libraries, refer to the relevant community documentation.

Available libraries

We invite you to use and contribute to these libraries:

   Gatsby Offers two Gatsby plugins that enable you to to fetch media assets from Cloudinary (gatsby-source-cloudinary) and upload images from file nodes to Cloudinary (gatsby-transformer-cloudinary) and then transform them to Cloudinary file nodes.
   Gridsome Offers plugins that enable you to fetch image assets from Cloudinary into Gridsome (gridsome-source-cloudinary) and to upload images to Cloudinary and apply transformations (gridsome-plugin-cloudinary). You can also use the generic gridsome-transformer-img to upload and load local images with Cloudinary as the loader.
   Laravel Enables you to upload, optimize, transform and deliver media files using Cloudinary. It also provides a fluent and expressive API for attaching your media files to Eloquent models.
   Netlify Hooks in to your Netlify build process and sets up images for optimization and delivery. Install the plug-in on Netlify or contribute to the open-source library.
   Next.js Provides components that enable you to upload and apply popular Cloudinary transformation and optimization features to your media when building Next.js applications.

Check out the open-source library as well as video tutorials on creating social media cards and embedding videos using this library.

   NuxtJS Enables you to optimize and transform images and videos in a Nuxt application with the @nuxtjs/cloudinary module.
   Svelte Enables you to easily optimize and transform your images via the CldImage and CldOgImage components in order to build performant visual experiences in your Svelte/SvelteKit apps and social media cards. The library also provides additional tools for managing your media in Svelte.

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