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Video Player advanced features

Last updated: Oct-24-2023

The Cloudinary Video Player is a comprehensive solution for delivering a great video experience to your users. In addition to the essential components of video delivery, you can also make use of a variety of advanced features to further enhance the player. Take a look at the following topics to learn more:

Page Description
Events Hook into a variety of events triggered by the video player to add additional functionality or send to your own analytics provider.
Ads and monetization Monetize your video content by serving ads based on leading video ad standards such as VAST, VPAID, and VMAP, including Google DoubleClick or AdSense.
Shoppable Video Use shoppable videos to define a set of products that appear in your videos allowing your users to easily visit your product detail pages and make a purchase.
Interactive Video (Beta) Use interactive videos to define a set of interaction areas on the player, allowing users to interact with your videos to trigger additional functionality.

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