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Media Inspector browser extension (Labs)

Last updated: Feb-19-2024

The tools and applications offered on Cloudinary Labs are unsupported, pre-production prototypes. They are provided on an “AS IS” basis. While some of them will eventually be added to one or more of the Cloudinary products as fully supported features, the implementation or other elements of their functionality may change significantly. Furthermore, some Cloudinary Labs tools or applications could be temporarily or permanently removed without notice, at Cloudinary's discretion.

The Cloudinary Media Inspector is a browser extension that analyzes all media assets on your site, and shows you in-depth information about the media, including file size, status, any Cloudinary transformations and more. The Media Inspector is a valuable tool for debugging your Cloudinary media on your website or application and can be used as a way to enhance and improve the performance and appearance of your media assets.

Try it now by adding the extension from the Chrome extension Marketplace, and pinning the media inspector icon to your browser extension toolbar.

Opening the Media Inspector

The Media Inspector can be launched for both a single media file or for all media on a page.

Open for a single media file

To see information about a single media file, use the right-click menu on the media file in your browser. The menu will open, and you can click on the Media info menu item to open the Media Inspector.

Open Media Inspector for a single media file

Media Inspector right-click menu option

Open for all media on a page

To see a list of all media assets on the page and some basic information about each one, click the Cloudinary Media Inspector button in the extensions section of Chrome, located in top right corner. The icon for the Media Inspector is the Cloudinary logo.

Open Media Inspector for a single media file

Media information

When you open the media Media Inspector for a specific file, you will be shown a summary of your media file as well as four other tabs containing more detailed information about the media.

Summary tab

The Summary tab includes all the general information relevant to the image or video, including file type, size and dimensions, as well as displaying the colors detected in the media file.

Summary tab

Media Inspector Summary tab showing general information about the media file

Transformation tab

The Transformation tab shows a breakdown of all the individual Cloudinary transformations applied to the media file:

Transformation tab

Media Inspector Transformation tab showing a set of transformations applied to the media file

From here, you can also launch the Transformation Debugger, which allows you to debug the transformation components by adding or removing them one by one:

Short video demonstrating the Transformation Debugger

Request and Response headers tabs

The Request headers and Response headers tabs show the HTTP request and response headers that were sent when viewing the media file.

Performance tab

The Performance tab shows the performance metrics for the image or video. This includes the time it took for the various stages of loading the media asset.

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