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Programmable Media release notes: August 15, 2023

Last updated: Aug-15-2023

New features

Generative AI recolor transformation (Beta)

Our new generative recolor transformation, part of our advanced AI suite, allows you to recolor objects in your images using natural language prompts, with no need for expensive software or laborious image updates. Generative recolor streamlines color customization and makes creating color variants more accessible. Whether you're in e-commerce or aiming to improve content accessibility, our new feature simplifies your workflow. As we continue to refine this Beta release, we invite you to explore Generative Recolor (e_gen_recolor) and share your feedback.

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Take a look at the examples in this video:

Cloudinary Flutter and Dart SDKs - General Availability release

The Flutter and Dart SDKs have been officially released, and are now Generally Available!

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Visual Search UI and API (Beta)

Cloudinary introduces Visual Search via Natural Language Search and Similarity Search, now available to try as a Beta release.

Find images based on their visual content, as opposed to their name or metadata, to increase image discoverability. You can now seamlessly and intuitively discover your assets by similarity to a given image, or by a simple text search, for example looking for “white sneakers” or “woman with red hair”.

Visual search

Please contact support to try Visual Search. It’s currently free of charge.

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React Native SDK - Upload API

The React Native SDK (Beta) now also supports the Cloudinary Upload API, enabling media uploads directly from your mobile application to your Cloudinary product environment, without going through your servers first.

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On success upload parameter

We have enhanced our upload flow's flexibility by introducing a new upload parameter on_success that receives a JavaScript code snippet and executes it after upload and analysis have completed. With this new feature it’s much easier to personalize your upload flow by enriching assets with analysis insights. You can update an asset with analysis information, depending on detection and categorization add-on results. For example, assign a moderation score to asset metadata. Currently, you can update an asset's tags, context and metadata.

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New migration guide

A new migration guide to help upload existing assets to Cloudinary. This guide serves as a valuable starting point and a high-level overview of your migration planning process, and covers the considerations you should make before and after migration, as well as details of Cloudinary's lazy migration with auto-upload or executing a direct migration.

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Media Explorer new grid view

Our developer-centric Media Explorer asset management UI introduces a grid view, providing a new visual experience. This enhanced view presents images in a larger and clearer format compared to the thumbnail-based list, offering an improvement in image visibility and clarity.

Media Explorer grid view

New flow for inviting users

You can now easily invite more users to your account from any page by clicking the Invite New Users icon from the left menu.

Invite users

Product explorer page

Explore our products, use-cases, SDKs and integrations in the new Product Explorer page, available from the Cloudinary logo on the top left menu.

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Move email preferences, SAML and 2FA settings

Some settings have been moved for improved accessibility:

  • Email preferences can now be found in My Profile.
  • SAML login has been moved to Account Security.
  • Setting up two-factor authentication is now available in My Profile.
  • Enforcing two-factor authentication for the account can be managed in Account Security.

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