Create an upload preset (video tutorial)


Watch this tutorial to learn how images can be automatically tagged and analyzed on upload with an upload preset.

Video tutorial

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Using add-ons

Jump to this spot in the video  0:10 Include add-ons in your upload preset to get the full benefit of image analysis and tagging. Select and register for add-ons from the Cloudinary console.

Configure the upload preset

Jump to this spot in the video  0:42 The Upload preset is a configuration parameter that you can enable in your account for automatic upload capabilities. In Account settings, select the Upload tab and scroll down to add the Upload preset. Name your preset and configure your upload settings. Scroll down to Advanced options to select the add-ons you wish to add to your preset.

Configure your account

Jump to this spot in the video  1:36 To configure your account to use the upload preset, select it as the Default upload preset and Media library's upload preset in the Upload settings.

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