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Making the Most of MACH: Our Essential Guide to Understanding & Building Composable Architecture

When Cloudinary joined the MACH Alliance a little over a year ago, we were planting our flag and stamping the revolutionary importance of MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless architecture).

We also were establishing our role as an advocate for open technology ecosystems.

Today, we further that commitment by launching a primary resource that will help you start from scratch or elevate your current digital experience through MACH adoption. Available for download, Cloudinary presents the Executive’s Guide to Composable Architecture.

The eBook addresses:

  • What MACH is and the importance of MACH certification
  • The power that composable architecture has on visual media
  • How to build a composable stack

This all-encompassing guide aims to help brands reach MACH adoption now and be ready for the future. Here’s a glimpse at what it covers.

The guide begins by looking at what’s inside your current development stack and what you need to develop a composable architecture that is pluggable and scalable. 

A 2020 Gartner report said by 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation. There’s also the benefit of bringing products to market faster through a composable architecture, and it can reduce costs by integrating highly reusable components.

Keeping pace with advancements in visual media experiences is paramount for companies looking to connect with consumers. A visual media solution that combines with a composable content management system (CMS) improves a brand’s ability to execute fast and dynamic visual media.

Through a headless, automated platform, brands can deliver rich media content that’s ready to be used and shared across several channels and in different ways. And through a MACH strategy and Cloudinary, the media can easily be managed at scale within their composable tech stacks.

Consumers don’t just use digital tools for research and discovery. More shoppers are buying directly from live-streaming events, over social media, and online. Composable architecture can create fast and easy commerce experiences. Compared to monolithic stacks, the architecture can adopt new formats like augmented reality and virtual reality.

A MACH-based CMS system that works with commerce and PIM solutions further provides brands with even more intelligent automation, better collaboration across creatives, marketers, and developers, and improved functionality when adding to the tech stack. Ultimately, brands can drive more visual, immersive, and engaging commerce conversions.

Bringing an element of personalization to a visual media component can be challenging at scale, but consumers want to feel as if a brand truly knows them, and it can greatly improve the chances of conversion.

Through a MACH approach, brands can automate the sizing and optimizing of rich media, enabling teams to focus on the personalized experience. Meanwhile, the architecture itself is more flexible to integrate personalization initiatives.

The speed of change can be fast in digital, so a tech stack needs to be agile enough to adapt to any shifts in technology or trends. Monolithic solutions, while wonderful for creating initial ecommerce strategies, can simply fall behind.

Getting a future-proof MACH strategy in place can be done with a full rebuild, a partial rebuild, a strangler front-end focused approach, and include other considerations. Our eBook takes you through the risks and tasks to fit companies in different situations. 

Cloudinary knows the potential a MACH system can have on the digital experiences brands and companies share with their consumers. By collaborating with companies in the independent MACH Alliance, the goal has always been to help top brands and companies deliver a richer, more vibrant digital experience that consumers have come to expect today.

Through this advanced technology, Cloudinary can help business partners develop innovative and flexible enterprise technologies that reimagine website and app experiences. And this resource guide can get brands started. 

Download the Executive’s Guide to Composable Architecture and contact Cloudinary to get set up. 

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