Immutable cache control response

Aug 14, 2017

Save 60% of browser requests by applying the new immutable_cache flag (fl_immutable_cache), preventing unnecessary server checks to see if images were modified. You can read more about this in the following Facebook's analysis project. Currently supported only by Firefox.

Padding with automatic color selection

Aug 07, 2017

Various methods of automatic padding enabled, such as: automatic color padding, fading the image into the padding, padding according to the pre-dominant colors and color gradient padding for example.

For more details, check out our blog post

Pre-dominant gradient padding example:

Pre-dominant gradient padding

Neural Artwork Style Transfer

Jul 26, 2017

With Cloudinary's new Neural Artworks add-on you can instantly create neural network art by transferring styles from any source artwork to any target photo, on-the-fly. By simply adding the style_transfer effect to any delivered image while specifying the image ID of any source artwork as it's overlay.

For example:

Original image
Amazing result

Read more and try it out here


Finding the right media assets with a powerful new search API

Jul 19, 2017

Our new search API allows you to incorporate advanced search capabilities into your media management workflow and find images and videos according to any criteria, such as tags, folders, size, resolution, aspect ratio, and more.

For example:

Cloudinary::Search.expression('tag:dog uploaded_at>1m aspect_ratio>="4:3" width>2048').execute

This query returns a JSON response that provides a summary of the search results and lists all matching images. In this example, the response includes all images tagged with 'dog', with an aspect ratio of 4:3, wider than 2048px, and that were uploaded within the past month. Results are sorted by relevance.

Search API Result - Dog

Read more about our Search API capabilities in this blog post and in our docs.

The asset search API is part of our Admin API and is available in the following SDKs: Ruby, Node, Java, PHP, Python and Scala.

Included for our Advanced Extra plans and higher and requires a small setup on our side. An additional search tier is available which allows more advanced functionality, such as embedded image metadata, image analysis and aggregations.

Animated PNG files (APNG)

Jul 11, 2017

Added support for uploading and transforming APNGs, and creating APNG files from both GIFs and WebPs. In order to enable, use the new apng transformation flag.

Original GIF:

Transformed APNG:

Currently supported only on Firefox and Safari. Soon available in Chrome too.

Color mapping effect

Jul 04, 2017

Replace shades of predominant or custom colors in an image with shades of a different one with the effect 'replace_color'.


  • e_replace_color:[TO_COLOR RGBA] (auto predominant color, color similarity threshold=50) e.g., e_replace_color:orange, e_replace_color:aa7812
  • e_replace_color:[TO_COLOR RGBA]:[THRESHOLD] e.g., e_replace_color:orange:90
  • e_replace_color:[TO_COLOR RGBA]:[THRESHOLD]:[FROM_COLOR] e.g., r_replace_color:orange:50:green

For example - turn the sky pink!


Pink sky

Bulk Delete UI - New Self-Service Cleanup Utility

Jun 29, 2017

Image deletion in your hands! You can now run a Bulk Delete request with the touch of a hand via the "Settings" page.

Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete UI

Introducing Website Speed Test: An Image Analysis Tool Integrated with WebPagetest

Jun 21, 2017

Website Speed Test is an image analysis tool that provides detailed optimization insights on how changes to image size, format, quality and encoding parameters can improve performance.

Try it out here, and read all about it here

Image Analysis Result

Detailed Image Analysis

Upload Widget - Upload Directly from Facebook, Google and Dropbox!

Jun 19, 2017

With our updated Upload Widget you can now allow your users to interactively select images from various 3rd party sources such as Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox or even Google Image Search.

Upload Widget Search Select

By including a small JavaScript library and adding a single JavaScript call, you can embed a complete interactive upload UI experience in your web applications:

Upload Widget JS

More details about the Upload Widget here.

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