Generating Video Preview Clips
Generating Video Preview Clips
Filters and effects

Creating a dynamic and engaging animated video preview (as opposed to a static image) can have a lot of benefits:

  • Improves the ability to captures a user’s attention for the content
  • More clearly demonstrates that there is video content available
  • Provides several preview clips, allowing the user to decide if the video is relevant pre-click

Compare two different preview options to see which is more eye-catching and engaging:

Static Image Preview Dynamic Video Preview

Here’s the basics of how this is created in Cloudinary:

  • Upload a video
  • Set your total duration for the preview video you want to create
  • Layer on additional copies of the video with the corresponding beginning/end of each clip
  • Set the desired dimensions of the preview video
  • Remove the audio channel to save on page weight

And that’s it!

Some other options:

  • Add a quick fade between preview clips
  • Add a text or image overlay explicitly telling people to click to play the full video
  • Use the upload response from the main video to capture total video length, and then generate the preview clip’s start/stop timing.