Cloudinary logo is composed of a clean, modern logotype and a cloud glyph that represents our technology. The standard color is Cloudinary blue with white being acceptable on dark backgrounds. Please don’t alter the logo in any way.

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Color Palette

The color palette reinforces a dynamic, trusted, and engaging character for all our communications.

The Cloudinary blue is the primary color and is symbolic to our brand. The neutral gray and dark blue convey a sense of stability, while accent colors help bring vibrancy to the visual system.

Cloudinary blue#3448c5
Offset Gray#eeeef1
Dark Blue#0c163b
Accent Coral#ff5050
Accent Peach#ffd4c4
Accent Yellow#f7bc00
Accent Turquoise#48c4d8
Accent Light Blue#b6d2ff


Sofia Pro is our primary headline typeface. It has been selected for its approachability, geometry, and its clean modern look. It’s used for titles, headlines, subheads, and short introductions.
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Inter is our brand text typeface, chosen for its legibility, flexibility, and its complimentary relationship to Sofia Pro. It’s used for body copy, captions, text in tables, charts, and footnotes.
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About Cloudinary

Cloudinary’s mission is to empower companies to deliver visual experiences that inspire and connect by unleashing the full potential of their media. With 60 billion assets under management and nearly 10,000 customers worldwide, Cloudinary is the industry standard for developers, creators and marketers looking to manage, transform, and deliver images and videos online. As a result, leading brands like Atlassian, Bleacher Report, Bombas, Grubhub, Hinge, NBC, Mediavine, Minted, Peloton and Petco are seeing significant business value in using Cloudinary, including faster time to market, higher user satisfaction and increased engagement and conversions. For more information, visit www.cloudinary.com.


Have questions regarding the Cloudinary brand, our brand assets, or the materials you are creating? Please reach out to the Cloudinary brand team: