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The power of Cloudinary comes through in the strength and creativity of each individual Cloudinarian.

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Itai Lahan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Itai Lahan photo

Itai Lahan

Co-Founder, CEO

Itai has been managing software teams for the past 18 years, holding executive positions in VC-backed startups. Itai founded several technology companies including Ndivi, a boutique Israeli-based dev shop.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 145, height: 145, gravity: "face",
    effect: "blur:300", crop: "thumb" },
 { effect: "grayscale" },
 { overlay: "text:Montserrat_60_bold:ITAI",
    color: "white" },
 { radius: "max" }]
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Nadav Soferman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nadav Soferman photo

Nadav Soferman

Co-Founder, CPO

Nadav is a true cloud expert. A veteran of the Israeli hi-tech industry, Nadav worked at various Internet startups for the past 17 years - developing web & mobile software and managing development teams.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ effect: "sepia:70" },
 { effect: "red:60" },
 { overlay: "black_bar", width: "1.0", height:
    "0.3", flags: "relative", gravity: "south", y:
    "0.05", opacity: 40 },
 { overlay: "text:Courgette_20_bold:Nadav",
    color: "white", gravity: "south", y: 18,
    opacity: 90 },
 { radius: "max" }]
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Tal Lev-Ami photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tal Lev-Ami photo

Tal Lev-Ami

Co-Founder, CTO

Tal is a superb technologist, programming professionally since 1994. Tal has been leading R&D teams and acting as system architect & CTO for several companies. Tal holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ radius: 30, effect: "saturation:40" },
 { width: 145, height: 145, crop: "pad" }]
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Orly Bogler photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Orly Bogler photo

Orly Bogler

Director Of Customer Engagement

Orly is Cloudinary’s first employee, so she probably knows who you are :) She's now building Cloudinary’s Customer Engagement Team -Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing from her soon!

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ angle: 30, effect: "trim" },
 { effect: "blue:30" },
 { effect: "green:-30" }]
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Itay Taragano photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Itay Taragano photo

Itay Taragano

Technical Support Leader

Itay is a software engineer and the nicest person in the whole world. Itay is an expert of everything Cloudinary related. He is also a professional pianist.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ effect: "improve" },
 { overlay: "note1", width: "0.1", flags:
   "relative", gravity: "north_east", y: 40, x:
   17 },
 { overlay: "note1", width: "0.1", flags:
   "relative", gravity: "north_east", y: 70, x:
   25, effect: "colorize", color: "red" },
 { overlay: "note2", width: 22, flags:
   "relative", gravity: "west", y: 10, x: 10,
   effect: "colorize", color: "green" }]
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Itai Benari photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Itai Benari photo

Itai Benari

Director of Core Development

Itai is a powerful, versatile software engineer. Itai founded and held CTO positions in multiple technology startups. Itai is our de-facto office DJ.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ effect: "pixelate_faces:7" },
 { overlay: "text:roboto_13:Itai%20B", gravity:
   "east", x: 5, color: "#4e471f" }]
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Ran Rubinstein photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ran Rubinstein photo

Ran Rubinstein

VP of Solutions

Ran is a cloud infrastructure expert with over 20 years of experience developing and deploying web-scale software solutions at startups and large corporations.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 145, height: 145, gravity: "east",
    crop: "fill" },
 { overlay: "system_charts", width: 82, height:
    60, gravity: "north_east", y: 10, x: 5 }]
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Millie Axelrod photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Millie Axelrod photo

Millie Axelrod

Technical Support Engineer

Millie is Cloudinary's account manager expert. She has over 10 years of office and account management experience at hi-tech startup companies.

Amit Sharon photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amit Sharon photo

Amit Sharon

Chief Operation Officer

Amit is a seasoned product manager and technologist. Amit has over 20 years of building software products from definition to development & marketing.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 73, height: 73, gravity: "face",
    effect: "hue:90", crop: "thumb" },
 { height: 145, width: 145, gravity:
    "north_west", crop: "lpad" },
 { overlay: "profile_amit_sharon", width: 73,
    height: 73, gravity: "face", crop: "thumb" },
 { effect: "hue:-40" },
 { gravity: "north_west", x: 72, flags:
    "layer_apply" },
 { overlay: "profile_amit_sharon", width: 73,
    height: 73, gravity: "face", angle: 0, crop:
    "thumb" },
 { effect: "hue:40" },
 { gravity: "south_west", x: 72, flags:
    "layer_apply" },
 { angle: 0, overlay: "profile_amit_sharon",
    width: 73, height: 73, gravity: "face", crop:
    "thumb" },
 { effect: "hue:20" },
 { gravity: "south_east", x: 72, flags:
    "layer_apply" }]
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Hagit Jekobson photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Hagit Jekobson photo

Hagit Jekobson

VP of HR

Hagit is a human resources professional with an extensive expertise gained over 15 years working at companies such as eBay and LivePerson.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 145, height: 145, gravity: "face",
    radius: "max", border: "2px_solid_rgb:0097a0",
    crop: "thumb" },
 { effect: "green:50" },
 { effect: "red:-50" }]
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Roseann Taculad photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Roseann Taculad photo

Roseann Taculad

Sales Development Representative

Roseann is an experienced sales leader who has created and managed sales teams for a number of startups including GigaSpaces, Virtual Hold, and Smartling.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 86, height: 86, radius: "max", crop:
   "fill" },
 { underlay: "space_needle", gravity:
   "south_west", y: -7, x: -7, width: 145,
   height: 145, effect: "brightness:30", crop:
   "fill" },
 { radius: 10 }]
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Oded Zaltsman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Oded Zaltsman photo

Oded Zaltsman


Oded has over 20 years of experience leading financial departments for leading SaaS companies with a focus of working cross departments to drive growth, business optimization, and critical business decisions.

Nadav Ofir photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nadav Ofir photo

Nadav Ofir

Fullstack Developer

Nadav is a talented software developer who got extensive customer orientation.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ overlay: "profile_nadav_ofir", width: "0.5",
   height: "0.5", gravity: "north_east", effect:
   "grayscale", crop: "crop" },
 { flags: "layer_apply", gravity:
   "north_east" },
 { overlay: "profile_nadav_ofir", width: "0.5",
   height: "0.5", gravity: "south_west", effect:
   "grayscale", crop: "crop" },
 { flags: "layer_apply", gravity:
   "south_west" }]
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Daniel Amitai photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Daniel Amitai photo

Daniel Amitai

VP of Innovation

Daniel is an executive sales, marketing and bizdev leader, holding positions at companies specializing in development of innovative technologies.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ overlay: "icon", width: 35, gravity:
    "south", y: 15, x: 28 },
 { overlay: "hexagon_sample", flags: ["cutter",
    "relative"], width: "1.0", height: "1.0" }]
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Meir Feinberg photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Meir Feinberg photo

Meir Feinberg

Technical Content Developer

Meir has tons of experience producing quality documentation for technical products. He’ll help you understand all of Cloudinary’s amazing features.

Oren Jokel photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Oren Jokel photo

Oren Jokel

Customer Success Manager

Oren is an experienced technical and product related account manager, who managed Fortune 500 enterprise brands. He's also a mountain biker newbie & love dogs!

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 60, height: 60, radius: "max",
   opacity: 70, crop: "fill" },
 { underlay: "orens_dog", gravity:
   "south_east", width: 145, height: 145, zoom:
   "0.4", radius: "max", crop: "fill" }]
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Roee Ben Ari photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Roee Ben Ari photo

Roee Ben Ari

Tech Support team leader

Roee is a skilled web developer, an experienced technical account manager and a vegan. He’s also an avid Sci-Fi reader, a jigsaw master and a squash player.

Mickey Aharony photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mickey Aharony photo

Mickey Aharony

Content Marketing Manager

Mickey is a lean mean marketing machine who has lived and traveled around the world, finally settling high up in the clouds with Cloudinary.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ effect: "make_transparent", overlay:
   "gold_necklace", width: 350, gravity:
   "center", y: 275, crop: "fill" },
 { overlay: "cool_glasses", gravity: "faces",
   width: "0.8", flags: "region_relative", y:
   -20, crop: "fill" },
 { zoom: "0.7", gravity: "face", width: 145,
   height: 145, radius: "max", crop: "thumb" }]
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Noa Menache photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Noa Menache photo

Noa Menache

Recruiting & HR Manager

Noa got an extensive expertise after 7 years working at companies like HP Software and LivePerson. Looking for your next challenge?! Let me know!

Jon Sneyers photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jon Sneyers photo

Jon Sneyers

Senior Image Researcher

Dr. Sneyers invented the Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF). His image processing "Muscles from Brussels" help deliver super-optimized images, super-fast.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 145, height: 145, gravity: "face",
   zoom: "0.9", effect: "blue:-80", crop:
   "thumb" },
 { effect: "pixelate_region:3", x: 40, width:
   30, height: 145 },
 { effect: "pixelate_region:5", x: 70, width:
   30, height: 145 },
 { effect: "pixelate_region:10", x: 100, width:
   45, height: 145, radius: "max" },
 { overlay: "text:Lato_40_bold_stroke:Sneyers",
   color: "red", border: "3px_solid_white",
   gravity: "south", opacity: 50 },
 { overlay:
   "text:Lato_60_ultrabold_stroke:JON", color:
   "red", border: "3px_solid_white", gravity:
   "north", opacity: 50 },
 { angle: -5, effect: "shadow:30", color:
   "black" }]
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Ronen Burin photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ronen Burin photo

Ronen Burin

VP Of FrontEnd Development

Ronen just loves people... and tech challenges. So it looks perfectly natural that he leads development teams in enterprise & startups companies for the past years.

Neta Agmon photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Neta Agmon photo

Neta Agmon

Senior Director of Product

Neta is an experienced & tech-savvy Product Manager, highly motivated to create products that customers enjoy. She also wonders if anyone ever reads this.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ zoom: "0.7", gravity: "face", width: 145,
   height: 145, radius: "max", crop: "thumb" },
 { overlay: "light_bulb", width: 50, height:
   50, effect: "make_transparent:10", gravity:
   "north_east", y: 3 }]
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Hadar Bejerano photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Hadar Bejerano photo

Hadar Bejerano

Director Solution Engineering

Hadar has extensive experience in product and pre-sales roles working at NICE. He likes writing short stories and scripts, the Cloudinary movie - coming soon.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ overlay: "profile_hadar_bejerano", gravity:
   "north", height: "0.5", width: "1.0", crop:
   "crop" },
 { gravity: "south", flags: "layer_apply" },
 { overlay: "profile_hadar_bejerano", gravity:
   "south", height: "0.5", width: 1, crop:
   "crop" },
 { gravity: "north", flags: "layer_apply" }]
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Maor Gariv photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Maor Gariv photo

Maor Gariv

Senior Solution Architect

Maor is a software developer, an all around people person and a technological savvy. He's also a master in Ping pong.

Eric Portis photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eric Portis photo

Eric Portis

Developer Evangelist

Eric loves images, learning through teaching and building, and most of all: the web. He brings years of experience exploring the frontiers of responsive design.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ zoom: "0.8", gravity: "face", width: 145,
   height: 145, crop: "thumb" },
 { effect: "blur:100" },
 { effect: "negate" },
 { effect: "blue:-100" },
 { effect: "brightness:30" },
 { overlay: "skelletor", width: 145, height:
   145, crop: "fill" },
 { radius: "max" }]
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Chris Basanty photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Chris Basanty photo

Chris Basanty

Account Executive

Chris has a passion for sales, with a decade of experience working at startups and fortune 100 companies such as Wells Fargo and Shipwire.

Jackie Rosenzveig photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jackie Rosenzveig photo

Jackie Rosenzveig

Technical Content Team Leader

Jackie is an expert in creating ‘just-what-you-need-to-know’ technical content.  She’s also an ex-gymnast and still loves to flip at every opportunity!

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ zoom: "0.75", gravity: "face", width: 110,
   height: 110, radius: "max", crop: "thumb" },
 { angle: "vflip" },
 { overlay: "helloworld1_3d", width: 110,
   gravity: "south", angle: -40, x: 25, y: -25 },
 { effect: "shadow", x: 5, y: 5 }]
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Kobi Schwarts photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Kobi Schwarts photo

Kobi Schwarts

Director Of Business Development

Kobi loves connecting people and technology and his focus is relationship management and partners & alliance ecosystem enablement.

Miki Shiran photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Miki Shiran photo

Miki Shiran

Senior Backend Developer

Miki is a well rounded software developer, adherent of open source and cutting-edge technologies. He also has a huge passion for music and guitar playing.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ opacity: 20, radius: "max" },
 { effect: "grayscale" },
 { underlay: "gibson_bg", gravity: "north",
   opacity: 63, radius: "max", height: 145,
   width: 145, crop: "thumb" },
 { overlay: "text:PT%2520Mono_22:I", gravity:
   "north_west", y: 20, x: 35 },
 { overlay: "text:PT%2520Mono_22_bold:LOVE",
   color: "red", gravity: "north_east", angle:
   15, y: 28, x: 38 },
 { overlay:
   gravity: "east", angle: 300, x: 7, y: 16 }]
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Doron Sherman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Doron Sherman photo

Doron Sherman

VP of Evangelism

Doron has been connecting business & technology dots in startups that created multi-billion dollar markets for 3 decades as executive, founder, angel investor & adviser.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ overlay: "profile_doron_sherman", width: 90,
    height: 90, radius: "max", gravity: "face",
    crop: "thumb" },
 { flags: "layer_apply", gravity: "center",
    effect: "tint:equalize:80:blue:pink:purple" }]
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Eitan Peer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eitan Peer photo

Eitan Peer

Frontend Team Manager

Eitan is an experienced software developer with a passion for technology. He is also our biggest (and only) Hapoel Jerusalem fan!

Eyal Matz photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eyal Matz photo

Eyal Matz

Customer success manager, Team leader

Eyal is a multi-disciplinary professional with an equally strong tech & business background.He claims to be Liverpool's #1 fan & plays cricket for the national team.

Ido Bar Noam photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ido Bar Noam photo

Ido Bar Noam

Technical Support Engineer

Ido's two passions are people and technology. When he is not solving your technical issues, he can help you with his life coaching sessions. He also enjoys bouldering.

Keren Ben-Ishay photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Keren Ben-Ishay photo

Keren Ben-Ishay

Employee Care & Administration Manager

Keren brings with her an extensive welfare/HR experience. With the most original ideas, always making sure that everyone around is happy

Noam Shmerling photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Noam Shmerling photo

Noam Shmerling

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Experienced in the global tech hiring market, Noam is all about creating the perfect match between our unique work environment and future employees.

Max Rozenoer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Max Rozenoer photo

Max Rozenoer

Senior Backend Developer

Max believes that writing software is similar to writing poetry, albeit more lucrative. He likes meditation and kickboxing - although not at the same time.

Ariel Shiran photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ariel Shiran photo

Ariel Shiran

Senior Director of Product

Ariel is a mobile and web savvy with a diversified experience. He has a passion for creating high quality products solving real needs but also for cars & sports :)

Amit Shachak photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amit Shachak photo

Amit Shachak

Director of video line of business

Amit is an experienced technology and product leader with vast experience and passion for building organizations and great products.

Daniel Cohen photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Daniel Cohen photo

Daniel Cohen

Backend Team Leader

Daniel is an all around software engineer with over 15 years of professional development experience. Daniel founded multiple companies including Pingjam.

Sergei Chernov photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sergei Chernov photo

Sergei Chernov

Senior Backend Developer
Dave Thomas photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dave Thomas photo

Dave Thomas

Sales Development Representative

10+ Yrs of sales and relationship building skills. Passionate about learning new skills/tech, cultures and collecting passport stamps.

Cloudinary Transformation Directives:

[{ width: 500, height: 500, crop: "fill" },
 { overlay: "profile_dave_thomas", width: 500,
   height: 500, effect: "grayscale:50", crop:
   "fill" },
 { effect: "brightness:50", flags:
   "layer_apply" }]
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Yoav Niran photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yoav Niran photo

Yoav Niran

Senior Frontend Developer

Yoav has many years of experience developing software with a keen focus on Web and UI/UX. He's also an aspiring sci-fi author, working on his first novel.

Chris Zakharoff photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Chris Zakharoff photo

Chris Zakharoff

Principal Solution Engineer

Chris is our martech veteran and "pho-natic" who has spent over a decade on the convergence of web development, digital marketing, and optimization.

Danielle Maino photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Danielle Maino photo

Danielle Maino

Director of Human Resources

Danielle enjoys cultivating a successful workplace. When she’s not being a resource to Cloudinary humans, she’s traveling away with her fam!

Shirly Manor photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Shirly Manor photo

Shirly Manor

Developer Support Engineer

Shirly loves building mobile apps and wishes to see more women in tech. When she is not solving technical issues, she is skiing, playing tennis and hiking.

Raya Straus photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Raya Straus photo

Raya Straus

Software Engineer

Raya has a passion for web and she loves storytelling. When she's not solving your technical problems you can catch her at the beach enjoying the sunshine.

Moran Bukler photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Moran Bukler photo

Moran Bukler

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Moran is an experienced Tech recruiter. When she's not searching for potential employees she loves spending time with her family & friends.

Boaz Lederer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Boaz Lederer photo

Boaz Lederer

Product Designer

Boaz loves drawing and creating stuff. He has over 10 years of experience with graphic design & animation. He can tell you the difference between UX and UI.

Yen Nguyen photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yen Nguyen photo

Yen Nguyen

Growth Account Manager

Yen is an entrepreneur w/15+ years of financial & SaaS sales experience. He is a soccer/Girl Scout Dad who enjoys golf, tech gadgets and all things orange.

Yakir Perlin photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yakir Perlin photo

Yakir Perlin

Customer Engagement Manager

Yakir is a software developer, passionate about mobile and cloud technologies.Up-to-date with disruptions and eager to help other developers reach success.

Sagy Moshe photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sagy Moshe photo

Sagy Moshe

QA Team Leader

Sagy treats QA as an art, and never compromise on results. He's a big fan of Maccabi Petah Tikva, and loves poker, hearthstone and football.

Daniel Mendoza photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Daniel Mendoza photo

Daniel Mendoza

Developer Support Engineer

Daniel loves to code. On his free time, he's always looking for a new adventure as well as trying exotic foods.

Gary Ballabio photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Gary Ballabio photo

Gary Ballabio

VP of Technology Partnerships

Gary’s experience spans sales, product management and engineering. He leads technical and business integrations with Cloudinary's strategic partners.

Tal Admon photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tal Admon photo

Tal Admon

Customer Success Operations Manager

Tal is a technical support veteran, experienced in building tools and defining processes to increase customer happiness overall.

Uria Sherman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Uria Sherman photo

Uria Sherman

Global IT Director

Uria is a technology enthusiast with over 10 years experience in IT related roles. Uria also plays the drums and is a live music show fanatic.

Kseniya Galanitskaya photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Kseniya Galanitskaya photo

Kseniya Galanitskaya

Billing and Financial Expert

Kseniya is our billing specialist. She loves dealing with big numbers, especially when they are her score in a tennis match.

Gayathri Chakravarthi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Gayathri Chakravarthi photo

Gayathri Chakravarthi

Talent Acquisition Lead

Gayathri is our expert at talent acquisition, working in partnership on talent requirements and execution of hiring plans.

Vanessa Leo photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Vanessa Leo photo

Vanessa Leo

Growth Accounts Representative

Vanessa is a former SCU basketball player turned sales rep in her favorite space–tech. Loves cooking, music & getting cookies off the top shelf.

Justin O’brien photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Justin O’brien photo

Justin O’brien

Account Executive

Justin comes with a vast experience in diverse sales positions. He loves to drive start-ups and support enterprise needs

Felix Zilber photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Felix Zilber photo

Felix Zilber

Senior Automation Engineer

Felix is an experienced automation developer. When he’s not automating things he enjoys portrait photography and aquascaping.

Gat Yulevitch photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Gat Yulevitch photo

Gat Yulevitch

Business Analyst

Gat is fascinated by numbers, data and solving problems. She dreams about ski vacations, live concerts and gummy bears.

Meir Lamed photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Meir Lamed photo

Meir Lamed

Director Of Product

Meir is an innovative and versatile professional who loves creating products that make a difference. Technology junky that loves biking and outdoors.

Lindsey Robinson photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Lindsey Robinson photo

Lindsey Robinson

People Experience Partner

"You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve." - Ginny Weasley

Sanjay Sarathy photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sanjay Sarathy photo

Sanjay Sarathy

VP of Developer Experience

Lover of dark chocolate, P.G. Wodehouse novels, and track & field. Sanjay is also passionate about all aspects of marketing.

Juli Greenwood photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Juli Greenwood photo

Juli Greenwood

Sr. Director of Comms and Customer Marketing

Juli has been executing successful communications programs for tech start-ups for more than 15 years. She also loves photography, art and music.

Yael Mordoch photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yael Mordoch photo

Yael Mordoch

Customer Engagement Manager

Yael loves talking to customers and finding creative solutions. She is customer oriented and has a huge passion for baking.

Andrew Philips photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Andrew Philips photo

Andrew Philips

Senior Solution Engineer

Drew loves working with companies to improve digital experiences. He has worked with some of the world's largest brands to solve content challenges.

Constantine Nathanson photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Constantine Nathanson photo

Constantine Nathanson

Full Stack Developer

Costa starts his day with a nice Segway ride, and finishes it only after learning a few more new technologies.

Dmitry Brodsky photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dmitry Brodsky photo

Dmitry Brodsky

Senior Account Executive

Dima is a seasoned Software Sales Executive with strong experience selling Marketing Technology to large Enterprise organizations.

Maribel Mullins photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Maribel Mullins photo

Maribel Mullins

Technology Partner Manager

Maribel is a trusted ally for enterprises' technical issues. When she’s not advocating for customers, she’s making her home IoT-ready or traveling.

Yaron Vaxman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yaron Vaxman photo

Yaron Vaxman

Deep Learning Expert

Yaron is an experienced Computer Vision engineer, with over 10 years of experience. He has a passion for solving complex problems and cooking great food.

Galit Shauli photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Galit Shauli photo

Galit Shauli

Senior Bookkeeper

Galit is a very well experienced bookkeeper with over 15 years of experience. She also loves sports and arts.

Amit Dadon photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amit Dadon photo

Amit Dadon


Amit is a financial controller with over 5 years of experience. He has a passion for numbers and DIY Carpentry projects.

Laurie Edwards photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Laurie Edwards photo

Laurie Edwards

Account Executive

Laurie brings 13 years of sales experience and enjoys supporting customer challenges with cutting edge technology.

Daniel Rotman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Daniel Rotman photo

Daniel Rotman

VP of Business Lines

Daniel is a seasoned strategy & business development professional with experience leading large scale projects in technology and media organisations.

Benji Azaria photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Benji Azaria photo

Benji Azaria

Data Science Lead

Benji is 1/2 data scientist, 1/2 digital statistician consultant and 1/3 technical blogger.

Fernando Echeverri photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Fernando Echeverri photo

Fernando Echeverri

Business Developer Representation

Fernando is an economist with 4+ years of experience helping grow startups in the Bay. He enjoys nature, playing/watching sports, and food.

Raz Ziv photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Raz Ziv photo

Raz Ziv

Developer Support Engineer

Raz is a software developer who enjoys debugging everything in life. He is also an avid traveler, adrenaline seeker and music lover.

Dominic Cross photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dominic Cross photo

Dominic Cross

Director of Business Development

Dominic has 20+ years of sales and business development experience and thrives of building new and exciting partnerships.

Nick Brew photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nick Brew photo

Nick Brew

Director of Inside Sales - EMEA

Nick has 10+ years experience leading inside sales teams for tech companies. In parallel with sales, he is passionate about sports and travel.

Vladimir Shteinman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Vladimir Shteinman photo

Vladimir Shteinman

Backend Developer

Vladimir is a developer passionate about software aesthetics from the high level design down to each and every line of code.

Lillian Hsueh photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Lillian Hsueh photo

Lillian Hsueh

CSM Team Leader

Lillian traded chemical engineering for software tech and never looked back. She loves camping with her dogs and traveling to explore new places.

Vijay Khutan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Vijay Khutan photo

Vijay Khutan

Sales Development Representative

Vijay has 10+ years experience helping companies to solve their business issues through innovation. His three loves: Family, food, and movies!

Tamas Piros photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tamas Piros photo

Tamas Piros

Developer Evangelist

Developer Evangelist with a passion to teach & preach the latest & greatest technologies out there. Speaks 4 languages, plays waterpolo.

Guillaume Jolly photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Guillaume Jolly photo

Guillaume Jolly

Customer Success Manager

After working in Ad Tech as a Technical Account Manager for several years, Guillaume is now part of the Customer Success Management team.

Jeremie Halimi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jeremie Halimi photo

Jeremie Halimi

Customer Success Manager

Customer Satisfaction Professional, with a strong Tech background.Passionate about TV Shows, 20th Century History, Politics and my 5 kids.

Liat Perlmutter photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Liat Perlmutter photo

Liat Perlmutter

Senior Product Manager

Liat is fascinated by human behavior in digital platforms. She believes it is most complicated to create the most simple things. Isn't it ironic?

Sam Brace photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sam Brace photo

Sam Brace

Director of Customer Education

Sam has developed innovative training and certification programs during his career. He is a CrossFit and craft beer enthusiast who loves the desert.

Tali Tzirkel photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tali Tzirkel photo

Tali Tzirkel

Account Executive

Tali is an experienced sales professional with a passion for the tech industry. In her spare time enjoys playing the violin, piano and guitar.

Jacob Wusthof photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jacob Wusthof photo

Jacob Wusthof

Sales Development Representative

Jacob has a passion for Sales and learning. He loves traveling, coffee, and watching/playing sports. After working out can't forget about craft beer!

Amit Khanal photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amit Khanal photo

Amit Khanal

Senior Solutions Architect

Amit is a seasoned technologist with over 12 years of experience building software solutions. He loves biking, diving and travelling the world.

Milind Pansare photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Milind Pansare photo

Milind Pansare

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Milind has led marketing and engineering teams at silicon valley startups and enterprises. He also spends a lot of time praying for snow.

Kelly Rose Arellano photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Kelly Rose Arellano photo

Kelly Rose Arellano

Marketing Programs Manager

Kelly is a marketing buff & is a lover of craft beer, sticky notes & anything salty. She enjoys weekends with her husband, son & two dogs.

Asi Sayag photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Asi Sayag photo

Asi Sayag

SDK & Integrations Manager

10+ experience in leading R&D groups. Loves technology and crafting great products. In his spare time, enjoys playing drums and guitar.

Stephen Doyle photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Stephen Doyle photo

Stephen Doyle

Developer Support Engineer

Stephen has years of experience helping developers integrate apps and sites with APIs and SDKs. He's our resident skipper, often 'working from boat'.

Bob Miyahara photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Bob Miyahara photo

Bob Miyahara

Director of Business Development

Bob loves building industry-defining businesses. Beyond work, he enjoys spending time with family and making the most out of every new day.

Edo Shor photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Edo Shor photo

Edo Shor

Backend Team Lead

Loves everything software, science and life. From the highest peak to the lowest dungeon, always be looking for how it all fits together.

Simon Hochberg photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Simon Hochberg photo

Simon Hochberg

Sales Development Representative

Simon is our Israeli French asset in the Sales Development team. He’s a natural born salesperson and speaks 5 languages fluently.

Edan Gottlib photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Edan Gottlib photo

Edan Gottlib

VP Global Sales

A Global Sales Leader with 24 yrs of experience, holding executive positions in publicly traded companies and VC-Backed startups. Building & Scaling Sales and Operations globally, through every growth phase.

Erwin Lukas photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Erwin Lukas photo

Erwin Lukas

Developer Support Engineer

Erwin loves to code, automate stuff and solve challenging problems. During his free time, he loves traveling, hiking, camping, and taking pictures.

Naveen Prasanna photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Naveen Prasanna photo

Naveen Prasanna

Director of Product Management

#product #users #problemsolver #tech&gadgets #cricket #golf #tennis #family #abetterworld #curious

Netanel Fisher photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Netanel Fisher photo

Netanel Fisher

CISO-Director of Security & Privacy

A results-driven, business focused, seasoned Cyber Security leader with vast experience focused on building Cyber Security programs and cultures.

Eric Courville photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eric Courville photo

Eric Courville

Director of Business Development, Americas

Eric is a recognized business leader with 20+ years of experience in channel sales, strategic alliances and business development.

Galit Zvi Bersuc photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Galit Zvi Bersuc photo

Galit Zvi Bersuc

Director of Global People's Operations

Galit is a Human Resource professional with an extensive expertise in the fields of Compensation & Benefits and People Engagement.

Eitan Revach photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eitan Revach photo

Eitan Revach

Senior Backend Developer

Eitan just loves challenges... He has many years of experience in developing distributed real-time systems. In spare time he prints the world in 3D :)

Yaron Reichert photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yaron Reichert photo

Yaron Reichert

Director of Product

Yaron is a product guy that loves people and technology with a strong desire for Video. He's also a dad, drummer, runner, and an MTB rider.

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Ariel Caplan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ariel Caplan photo

Ariel Caplan

Backend Developer

Ariel is a programmer, speaker, open source contributor, and community builder, always looking to learn something new about software and peopleware.

Sean Chua photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sean Chua photo

Sean Chua

Sr. Account Executive

Sean enjoys learning about his customer’s challenges and figuring out how best to solve it. Offline he loves to spend time with his family.

Rinat Biton photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Rinat Biton photo

Rinat Biton

Senior QA Engineer

in the last 17 years while not baking, Rinat has been working as a QA engineer on different products (security, medical, transportation and more ).

David Asulin photo manipulated by Cloudinary
David Asulin photo

David Asulin

Deep Learning Expert

David loves solving complex problems using data and algorithms. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, discovering music and everything tech-related.

Guy Korol photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Guy Korol photo

Guy Korol

Backend Engineer

Guy is a software engineer who loves technology and challenges.He enjoys learning new things and in his spare time you'll find him traveling or skiing with friends.

Yuval Papish photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yuval Papish photo

Yuval Papish

Solutions Architect

Yuval has more than 10 years of developing and implementing software solutions experience at large organization with complex needs.

Zvika Moretzky photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Zvika Moretzky photo

Zvika Moretzky

Senior Director of Product

Zvika is an experienced and passionate product leader, always looking to solve the next challenge, innovate and deliver high quality products that make an impact and improve users' lives.

Lesli Faro photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Lesli Faro photo

Lesli Faro

Sales Development Representative

Lesli comes from a Sales and Business Development background. She’s a world music enthusiast, amateur chef, loves the water and people.

Tessa Mero photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tessa Mero photo

Tessa Mero

Developer Evangelist
Denis Korytchenko photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Denis Korytchenko photo

Denis Korytchenko

Product Designer

Denis love to discover new music and travel. During his trip planning, he must include at least one music event.

Nir Gur Arie photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nir Gur Arie photo

Nir Gur Arie

Senior Frontend Developer

Nir gained experience in almost every technical role until he found out that the thing he likes the most is no other than Frontend!

Nir Maoz photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nir Maoz photo

Nir Maoz

Software Developer

Nir is a software engineer who loves to learn new things and then find ways to simplify them. On his spare time he enjoys practicing martial arts.

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Scott Campbell photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Scott Campbell photo

Scott Campbell

CSM Team Leader

Scott loves being a customer advocate to help them achieve their technology goals. He also loves hiking, traveling, photography, and time with family.

Aleksandar Kostadinov photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Aleksandar Kostadinov photo

Aleksandar Kostadinov

Developer Support Engineer

Aleksandar is a software engineer who has experience supporting users across platforms/products. He also enjoys live music and all things football.

Anna Veselova photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Anna Veselova photo

Anna Veselova

Billing and Financial Expert

Anna just loves to crunch numbers. When she's not diving headfirst into Excel you can probably find her judging athletic competitions or painting.

Nick Bradley photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nick Bradley photo

Nick Bradley

Senior API and Technical Content Writer

Nick is a keen API docs enthusiast with a competitive streak. He's always seeking new ways to break down complex information.

Scott Wachtmann photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Scott Wachtmann photo

Scott Wachtmann

Customer Success Manager

Scott is a developer turned technical account manager who loves tinkering with new technologies and spending time with his family.

Mateusz Bryla photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mateusz Bryla photo

Mateusz Bryla

FrontEnd Tech Leader

First Cloudinarian in Poland! Loves technology, robotics, traveling, sports, motorcycles, sailing, martial arts and others. Hates to be bored

Alexa Phoenix photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Alexa Phoenix photo

Alexa Phoenix

Customer Marketing Manager

Alexa loves events, from Trade shows to our annual user conference ImageCon she will be there making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Amnon Cohen Tidhar photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amnon Cohen Tidhar photo

Amnon Cohen Tidhar

Senior Director, Video Architecture

Video technologies expert leading development, architecture and innovation teams for the past two decades. Previously, Chief video architect at Huawei

Eyal Katz Talmon photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eyal Katz Talmon photo

Eyal Katz Talmon

Developer Support Engineer

Eyal is a Software developer. He loves technical challenges, meeting new people, watching movies, music and sports, especially swimming :)

Hezzy Gershony photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Hezzy Gershony photo

Hezzy Gershony

FrontEnd Developer
Nevo Potok photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nevo Potok photo

Nevo Potok

Business Intelligence Developer

Nevo is passionate about any aspect related to data or numbers, he loves hanging out with his family especially at the beach.

Dikla Dagan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dikla Dagan photo

Dikla Dagan

Senior Manual QA Engineer

Dikla owns 14 years of QA experience. In her free time, she likes to do shopping, home styling, and to spend time with her kids and her friends.

Teresa Gomez photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Teresa Gomez photo

Teresa Gomez

Program Manager

Teresa comes from a software sales background. She is passionate about relationship building and enjoys having a vast network. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, socializing and having new experiences!

Alexey Kagansky photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Alexey Kagansky photo

Alexey Kagansky

QA Automation Engineer

Alexey is an experienced automation engineer. He helps Cloudinary's QA team change fantasy into reality.

Sveta Slepner photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sveta Slepner photo

Sveta Slepner

Frontend Developer

Sveta is a Frontend developer who turned her hobby as a kid to a profession. In her free time she enjoys playing & reviewing video games.

Nir Sahar photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nir Sahar photo

Nir Sahar

Customer Success Manager

Nir's has focused mostly on partnership management and performance enhancement in the last 6 years. He's a big sports fan, loves music and a cold beer.

Scott Doughman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Scott Doughman photo

Scott Doughman

VP Business Development

Scott Doughman has a background in management consulting, and has held numerous executive roles in ecommerce, digital media and educational technology.

Meni Hovesh photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Meni Hovesh photo

Meni Hovesh

Senior Manual QA Engineer

Meni returns to his first love as a QA Engineer after more than 10 years in the BI and Support arenas. He loves cats and has 2 of his own. In his spare time, he likes to exercise, cook and do some shopping.

Jonathan Flores photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jonathan Flores photo

Jonathan Flores

Sales Development Rep
Mark Gould photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mark Gould photo

Mark Gould

Customer Success Manager

Mark accidentally fell into Software over 5 years ago and has never looked back. He likes being surrounded by some of the smartest minds in the world and helping customers along the way.

Adam Borowski photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Adam Borowski photo

Adam Borowski

Senior FrontEnd Developer

Adam is an artist. He expresses himself by composing music, singing and of course developing modern web interfaces.

Audrey Nguyen photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Audrey Nguyen photo

Audrey Nguyen

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Avid coffee drinker. Dog lover. Explorer. Naturally inquisitive with a passion for technology. I help find talent, come join Cloudinary!

Sunny Ho photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sunny Ho photo

Sunny Ho

Director of Business Development

Sunny thrives on helping customers and partners leverage new technologies to drive measurable results. She is a boba connoisseur, k-drama fanatic and an amateur Spartan racer.

Michal Kuperman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Michal Kuperman photo

Michal Kuperman

Dev. Support Engineer
Uri Landau photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Uri Landau photo

Uri Landau

VP of R&D

Uri is a professional R&D leader with over 30 years of experience.Even after so many years, he's still super-enthusiastic about technology.

Dan Siedner photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dan Siedner photo

Dan Siedner

Senior Product Manager

Dan is an experienced product manager, an avid problem solver with a creative thinking and passion for product. He also has a huge passion for music and CrossFit.

Caroline Muallem photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Caroline Muallem photo

Caroline Muallem

Sales Development Rep
Moran Zemah photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Moran Zemah photo

Moran Zemah

Vladimir Shiray photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Vladimir Shiray photo

Vladimir Shiray

Senior DevOps Engineer
Caroline Levison photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Caroline Levison photo

Caroline Levison

Senior API and Technical Content Writer

Caroline started out as a software engineer before dynamically transforming into a technical writer. She enjoys being creative with visual design, junk modelling and playing music.

Olaf Cichocki photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Olaf Cichocki photo

Olaf Cichocki

Senior FrontEnd Developer

Olaf loves clean code, new challenges, and can't sleep well if he didn't learn anything new in a while. He also loves tabletop RPGs, and boardgames.

Zuzana Samaj photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Zuzana Samaj photo

Zuzana Samaj

Solution Engineer

Zuzana helps clients to make stuff work before they actually become clients. She has a private pilot licence for microlight planes. If she is not in the air then she is running around London.

Akshay Ranganath photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Akshay Ranganath photo

Akshay Ranganath

Solutions Architect

Web performance enthusiast, CDN expert, avid blogger and an ever curious technologist. While not working, he enjoys photography.

Elad Ben Baruch photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Elad Ben Baruch photo

Elad Ben Baruch

Deep Learning Expert
Hadas Schwinger photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Hadas Schwinger photo

Hadas Schwinger

Customer Success Manager
Martin Birmingham photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Martin Birmingham photo

Martin Birmingham

Director Of Product

Martin's produced media products and solutions for some the largest global brands, advertisers and media owners. Outside of work you'll find him up a mountain doing various sports.

Saili Shaha photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Saili Shaha photo

Saili Shaha

Customer Success Manager

Saili comes from a CDN background and loves being a customer advocate to ensure their success. Outside of work she likes traveling, swimming and writing amateur poetry.

Shiran Azran photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Shiran Azran photo

Shiran Azran

DevOps Engineer
Scott Schnaars photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Scott Schnaars photo

Scott Schnaars

VP of Sales, America
Rebecca Peltz photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Rebecca Peltz photo

Rebecca Peltz

Developer Instructional Designer

Becky is a web engineer/programmer who has moved into teaching and creating instructional content. She is a Developer Instructional Designer at Cloudinary.

Gareth Hughes photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Gareth Hughes photo

Gareth Hughes

Solutions Architect

Gareth is an experienced consultant, with 9+ years experience in front-end performance. When not working, Gareth can usually be found in the kitchen, cooking something up!

Adi Lester photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Adi Lester photo

Adi Lester

Senior Backend Engineer

Adi is a Software Engineer. He likes technology, music and good 'ol shenanigans.

Ifat Koller photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ifat Koller photo

Ifat Koller

Backend Developer

Ifat loves technical challenges.When she isn’t writing beautiful code she likes to play netball or enjoy a cup of tea with her friends ;)

Amit Brucker photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amit Brucker photo

Amit Brucker

Senior QA Engineer

Amit is a QA Engineer, passionate about technologies and keeps on dreaming on getting a dog

Andrzej Szczerbak photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Andrzej Szczerbak photo

Andrzej Szczerbak

Senior QA Engineer

Andrzej works as a QA and likes finding ways to test the software. Andrzej passions are running, home cooking (especially pasta and seafood) and traveling.

Barak Ben-Ari photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Barak Ben-Ari photo

Barak Ben-Ari

Director of Product
Eran Gonen photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eran Gonen photo

Eran Gonen

Video Algorithm Researcher

Eran is a video compression and streaming expert with many years of development leadership experience. He loves researching cutting-edge technologies. He's also love hiking, running and mostly skiing.

Fessal Rahman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Fessal Rahman photo

Fessal Rahman

Senior Director of Pricing

Fessal is a seasoned commercial and strategy executive with a passion for Technology & SaaS. Driving both exponential growth & business efficiency at scale. Experienced across Business Strategy, Pricing & Operations.

Jason Khoury photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jason Khoury photo

Jason Khoury

Vice President of Corporate Marketing

Jason is a seasoned marketer with 20+ years under his belt and tenures at Jive, Yahoo and Informatica. When not plotting brand strategy, he can found with him family, playing sports and grilling in his backyard.

John Helmers photo manipulated by Cloudinary
John Helmers photo

John Helmers

Strategic Accounts SDR

John is an innovative professional who has a passion for all things sales, tech, and people. When he's not at work, he enjoys exploring new places and playing sports.

Joshua Shaules photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Joshua Shaules photo

Joshua Shaules

Senior Account Executive
Russ Barr photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Russ Barr photo

Russ Barr

Managing Director of DAM Business Line

Russ has been working in DAM for over 15 years, during that time he has heard every DAM pun out there!

Anat Brauner photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Anat Brauner photo

Anat Brauner

Talent Acquisition Team Lead
Anthony Parker photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Anthony Parker photo

Anthony Parker

Renewals Manager

Anthony is an experienced Renewals Manager with a strong passion for building long-lasting client relationships. When he's not working he spends his free time reading up on new technologies.

Patrick Tolosa photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Patrick Tolosa photo

Patrick Tolosa

Senior Software Engineer

Patrick has 5+ years experience with large javascript projects and architecture. H'es also a writer, speaker and an occasional guitar player

Analisa Travaglione photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Analisa Travaglione photo

Analisa Travaglione

VP of Sales, Global Growth and Renewals
Clamor Vehring photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Clamor Vehring photo

Clamor Vehring

Senior Account Executive ROW
Ken Epstein photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ken Epstein photo

Ken Epstein

Senior Account Executive

Ken comes from a Sales and Business Development background, previously worked at Dynamic Signal and MakeSEA. He enjoys working with Enterprise customers to help solve their problems to make their lives easier.

Natalia Koretzky photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Natalia Koretzky photo

Natalia Koretzky

Renewal Manager

Natalia has a background in Account Management with experience acquired working in SaaS and Fintech companies over the last 10 years. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and going to the beach in the summertime.

Nofar Ben Kereth photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nofar Ben Kereth photo

Nofar Ben Kereth

R&D Operation Manager

Nofar is a passionate Project Manager, experienced with dev methodologies as Agile and Scrum. She also practise Yoga on her free time, and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S repeatedly

William Rice photo manipulated by Cloudinary
William Rice photo

William Rice

Sales Development Rep
Bryan Li photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Bryan Li photo

Bryan Li

Customer Success Manager
Adi Dagan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Adi Dagan photo

Adi Dagan

Backend Director
Mickey Gordon photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mickey Gordon photo

Mickey Gordon

Senior Product Manager

Mickey is an experienced product manager with a strong technical background, who loves everything that has something to do with technology, products or sports.

Daniel Divens photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Daniel Divens photo

Daniel Divens

Director Web Marketing
Matthew Griffiths photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Matthew Griffiths photo

Matthew Griffiths

Customer Success Manager

Matthew has over 10 years experience working with DAMs and systems for managing media, he enjoys finding interesting solutions to client’s needs.

Susan Stieglitz photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Susan Stieglitz photo

Susan Stieglitz

Customer Success Manager

Susan is an expert in creating, procuring, managing, organizing, and archiving digital assets. "Are you happy with the current state of your content? Let’s talk." Loves building houses and endurance road cycling.

Korinne Lewis photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Korinne Lewis photo

Korinne Lewis

Sales Development Rep
Shay Levi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Shay Levi photo

Shay Levi

Senior Manual QA Engineer

Shay has been living and breathing QA the past 14 years. In his free time, he loves to watch sports and spend time with family and friends.

Francis Tagbo photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Francis Tagbo photo

Francis Tagbo

Dev. Support Engineer
Jakub Pietras photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jakub Pietras photo

Jakub Pietras

FrontEnd Developer
Paige Drake photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Paige Drake photo

Paige Drake

Customer Success Manager
Jeremy Chrobak photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jeremy Chrobak photo

Jeremy Chrobak

Renewals Manager
Mo Ip photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mo Ip photo

Mo Ip

Dev. Support Engineer
Balazs Kemenesi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Balazs Kemenesi photo

Balazs Kemenesi

Developer Evangelist
Nicole Nariman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Nicole Nariman photo

Nicole Nariman

Channel Sales Operations Manager

Nicole brings 11+ years of experience in the SaaS space holding a variety of roles spanning business operations, Channel Operations and order management. She has extensive know-how when it comes to the development of the processes and tools required to scale an effective and efficient global sales organization and in support of company growth objectives.

Tsofit Vail photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tsofit Vail photo

Tsofit Vail

Backend Developer
Tal Yovel photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tal Yovel photo

Tal Yovel

Data Scientist
Alison Bensch photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Alison Bensch photo

Alison Bensch

Senior Director Global Events

Alison Bensch is the Head of Global Events at Cloudinary. She has over 15 years of experience in corporate event marketing and works cross-functionally to successfully implement an event strategy.

Noa Adamsky photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Noa Adamsky photo

Noa Adamsky

Director of Product

Noa's passion is in Product. She has a broad expertise in product management and UX/UI design and in-depth understanding of business, strategy, sales, growth and marketing.

Yehuda Kossowsky photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yehuda Kossowsky photo

Yehuda Kossowsky

Senior Director of Product

With 25 years of product and tech experience at companies both large and small, Yehuda has led product and engineering at some of the biggest names in the business, and some of the smallest. Yehuda studied psychology alongside computer science in college, and has since asked many computers to tell him about their childhood.

Satarupa Chatterjee photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Satarupa Chatterjee photo

Satarupa Chatterjee

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Oren Itamar photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Oren Itamar photo

Oren Itamar

Big Data Engineer
Liad Weisman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Liad Weisman photo

Liad Weisman

Director of DevOps
Jerzy Mankowski photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jerzy Mankowski photo

Jerzy Mankowski

FrontEnd Developer
Loic Verger Del Bove photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Loic Verger Del Bove photo

Loic Verger Del Bove

Dev. Support Engineer
Ronen Miller photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ronen Miller photo

Ronen Miller

Senior Backend Developer
Ira Lisitsyna photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ira Lisitsyna photo

Ira Lisitsyna

Backend Developer
Shani Patel photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Shani Patel photo

Shani Patel

FrontEnd Developer
Efrat Minuchin photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Efrat Minuchin photo

Efrat Minuchin

Director of Business Analysis
Dalit Rotmensh photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dalit Rotmensh photo

Dalit Rotmensh

UX & UI Product Designer
Victor Li photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Victor Li photo

Victor Li

Dev. Support Engineer
Gal Aloni photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Gal Aloni photo

Gal Aloni

DevOps Engineer
Rashelle Kosiborod photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Rashelle Kosiborod photo

Rashelle Kosiborod

Senior FrontEnd Developer
Sapir Moreno photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sapir Moreno photo

Sapir Moreno

Backend Developer
Yarin Dekel photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yarin Dekel photo

Yarin Dekel

FrontEnd Developer
Patrick Glithro photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Patrick Glithro photo

Patrick Glithro

Senior Solutions Eng.
Jakub Roch photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jakub Roch photo

Jakub Roch

FrontEnd Developer
Omer Laufer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Omer Laufer photo

Omer Laufer

Senior Backend Developer
Eran Rosenzweig photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eran Rosenzweig photo

Eran Rosenzweig

Senior Full Stack Developer
Ilya Degtev photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ilya Degtev photo

Ilya Degtev

Customer Success Manager
Refael Mahpud photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Refael Mahpud photo

Refael Mahpud

QA Automation Engineer
John Ryan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
John Ryan photo

John Ryan

Solution Architect
Avihay Tsayeg photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Avihay Tsayeg photo

Avihay Tsayeg

Senior DevOps Engineer
Valerie Richards photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Valerie Richards photo

Valerie Richards

Director of Partner Marketing

Valerie enjoys developing creative, customer-focused, partner-ready marketing campaigns.

Mateusz Kwasniewski photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mateusz Kwasniewski photo

Mateusz Kwasniewski

Senior Backend Developer

Mateusz is a software development troublemaker since 2007. A big fan of the Web, FP, and all things peopleware. Privately an avid reader and a frequent traveller.

Tom Zrihen photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tom Zrihen photo

Tom Zrihen

Director of Operations and Projects
Pramod Shenoy photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Pramod Shenoy photo

Pramod Shenoy

Solution Architect
Erez Baris photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Erez Baris photo

Erez Baris

Senior Manual QA Engineer
Jonathan Stickney photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jonathan Stickney photo

Jonathan Stickney

Solution Eng.
Suganya Selvarasah photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Suganya Selvarasah photo

Suganya Selvarasah

Sales Development Rep
Dennis Borshchevski photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dennis Borshchevski photo

Dennis Borshchevski

Senior FrontEnd Developer
Meir Bechor photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Meir Bechor photo

Meir Bechor

Senior Backend Developer
Oded Badt photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Oded Badt photo

Oded Badt

Data Scientist

Israeli born and raised, fiddling around with maths and computers since I remember myself

Elad Noy photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Elad Noy photo

Elad Noy

Senior FrontEnd Developer

Elad got into coding during his studies in Mechanical Engineering but decided it's not for him and made the transition into software development.

Tzachi Strul photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tzachi Strul photo

Tzachi Strul

Senior DevOps Engineer
Gali El photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Gali El photo

Gali El

Senior Manual QA Engineer
Amit Erental photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amit Erental photo

Amit Erental

Business Lines, Senior Manager
Akshay Joshi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Akshay Joshi photo

Akshay Joshi

Dev. Support Engineer
Brittany Gallant photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Brittany Gallant photo

Brittany Gallant

Technical Customer Success Manager
Prajanma Singh photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Prajanma Singh photo

Prajanma Singh

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Ilya Krasnov photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ilya Krasnov photo

Ilya Krasnov

Backend Developer
Niv Apel photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Niv Apel photo

Niv Apel

Backend Developer
Mahdi Hamdi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mahdi Hamdi photo

Mahdi Hamdi

Technical Customer Success Manager

Mahdi loves empowering customers to achieve their desired outcome. He also enjoys cooking for his family, friends and his dog!

Shir Marcus photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Shir Marcus photo

Shir Marcus

Business Operation Specialist
Vishal Srivastava photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Vishal Srivastava photo

Vishal Srivastava

Senior Account Executive
Shay Harush photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Shay Harush photo

Shay Harush

Senior DevOps Engineer
Ehab Alsharif photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ehab Alsharif photo

Ehab Alsharif

Senior FrontEnd Developer
Steve McGowan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Steve McGowan photo

Steve McGowan

Senior Account Executive ROW

Steve has a wealth of DAM and Media Management experience, and he loves the difference that the right technology choice makes to peoples working lives. Can you guess where he's from?

Maciej Komorowski photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Maciej Komorowski photo

Maciej Komorowski

Backend Developer
Stoil Timchev photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Stoil Timchev photo

Stoil Timchev

Sales Development Rep

I am a passionate sales rep, looking to build strong relationships with prospects whilst helping them find the right SaaS solution. I enjoy working out, playing rugby and learning.

Yoav Stezki photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yoav Stezki photo

Yoav Stezki

Backend Developer
Amo Adams photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Amo Adams photo

Amo Adams

Technical Customer Success Manager
Danny Valentine photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Danny Valentine photo

Danny Valentine

Dev. Support Engineer
Eric Cauan Pasos photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eric Cauan Pasos photo

Eric Cauan Pasos

Senior Developer Support Engineer
Maxwell Mabe photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Maxwell Mabe photo

Maxwell Mabe

Director, Product Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in the field of rich media and Digital Asset Management, Max is a subject matter on all things DAM including imagery, video, 3D, AR & VR. When not at work, you can find Max surfing and hanging out at the beach.

Robert Daynes photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Robert Daynes photo

Robert Daynes

Director of Strategy

Rob is strategy and business development leader with experience across SaaS, Media & Entertainment and Financial Services.

Mai Shevach Kot photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mai Shevach Kot photo

Mai Shevach Kot

Technical Product Manager
Sapir Lugasi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sapir Lugasi photo

Sapir Lugasi

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dennis Huynh photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Dennis Huynh photo

Dennis Huynh

Sales Development Rep
Justine Eller photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Justine Eller photo

Justine Eller

Senior Enterprise Account Executive
Patrick Percella photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Patrick Percella photo

Patrick Percella

Senior Enterprise Account Executive
Samantha Hutchison photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Samantha Hutchison photo

Samantha Hutchison

Sales Development Rep
Taylor Scotto photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Taylor Scotto photo

Taylor Scotto

SDR Manager, Americas
Eric Fritts photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Eric Fritts photo

Eric Fritts

IT Engineer
Marialena Nanos photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Marialena Nanos photo

Marialena Nanos

Customer Account Specialist

Lena loves traveling and grew up in different cultures worldwide, so she appreciates the global diversity Cloudinary offers! She's also a Harry Potter nerd and iced-coffee enthusiast.

Tomer Manor photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tomer Manor photo

Tomer Manor

VP of Finance
Justin Brinkmeyer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Justin Brinkmeyer photo

Justin Brinkmeyer

Sr. Manager, Graphic Design

Sr. Manger Graphic Design at Cloudinary, driving our brand evolution, supporting strategic marketing campaigns and shaping brand standards across corporate and product.

Michelle Isenberg photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Michelle Isenberg photo

Michelle Isenberg

Marketing Automation Manager
Philip Jones photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Philip Jones photo

Philip Jones

Senior Enterprise Account Executive
Tyler Rickard photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tyler Rickard photo

Tyler Rickard

Sales Development Rep
Ben Woodhouse photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ben Woodhouse photo

Ben Woodhouse

Solutions Engineer

Ben has spent his career in web performance, moving into solutions engineering in 2018. Outside of work his passions are family, live music & rugby.

Krystian Jarmicki photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Krystian Jarmicki photo

Krystian Jarmicki

Backend Developer
Wissam Khalili photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Wissam Khalili photo

Wissam Khalili

Developer Support Engineer

Wissam is a Developer support engineer with vast experience in support and program languages at hi-tech startup companies.

Sharon Yurista photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sharon Yurista photo

Sharon Yurista

Compensation & Benefits Manager
Hen Shkedi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Hen Shkedi photo

Hen Shkedi

Director of Product Design
Mike Carlson photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mike Carlson photo

Mike Carlson

SVP, Global Customer Success

Mike is a B2B Technology Leader, with a great enthusiasm for helping clients to resolve their most pressing business challenges, he thrives for building internal systems that enable organizations to scale.

Yehuda Rokach photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yehuda Rokach photo

Yehuda Rokach

Senior FrontEnd Developer
Sharon Ashepa photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sharon Ashepa photo

Sharon Ashepa

Data Specialist

Sharon is passionate about data and believes that data-driven decisions should lead the world. She loves learning new things, traveling and watching TV series.

Yehonatan Benyamin photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yehonatan Benyamin photo

Yehonatan Benyamin

Data Modeler Architect

With over 15 years of experience in the open web industry; performing several key roles and specializing in SaaS architecture, performance and data. Devoted to tuning, crunching and bending environments.

Yasmin Tweed photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yasmin Tweed photo

Yasmin Tweed

Director of Business Operations
Yamit Botzer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yamit Botzer photo

Yamit Botzer

Billing Specialist
Emily Lee photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Emily Lee photo

Emily Lee

Customer Education Intern

Emily is a Customer Education Intern exploring her passion of combining psychology and tech to help users have better experiences. If you can catch her outside of school and work, you’ll most likely find her cooking/baking, dancing, or trying new cafes in town!

Sharon Yelenik photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sharon Yelenik photo

Sharon Yelenik

Technical Content Developer
Harrison Hill photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Harrison Hill photo

Harrison Hill

Marketing Specialist

Harrison loves everything about tech, marketing, startups, and digital media. When he's not working, he can be found flying drones or doing anything extreme sports related.

Jennifer Bui photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jennifer Bui photo

Jennifer Bui

Talent Acquisition Partner

Finding good talent is like shopping, when you see it you must get it! Outside of work I enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling to places for their views and cuisine and spending time with my Pomeranian, Kody.

Stacie Jordan photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Stacie Jordan photo

Stacie Jordan

Partner Training Manager

Stacie has been working in education and training for over 15 years. She is happiest when she can empower others through education. She loves new adventures and spends her free time discovering new trails to mountain bike and hike on with her goldendoodle.

Alex Dickman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Alex Dickman photo

Alex Dickman

Senior Backend Developer

Alex is an experienced developer and data engineer. Harry Potter and Wheel Of Time enthusiast. Doggo companion answers to the name Maui.

Glenn Munlawin photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Glenn Munlawin photo

Glenn Munlawin

Senior Marketing Program Manager

Marketing programs ninja who races bikes fast, drinks craft beer and loves a good cookie (with sprinkles, please!)

Saranya Babu photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Saranya Babu photo

Saranya Babu

Chief Marketing Officer

Saranya is an engineer at heart who does marketing during the day and enjoys learning astrology in her free time. She is passionate about technologies that drive the future and finds purpose in building teams to take them to the masses.

Paul Myers photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Paul Myers photo

Paul Myers

VP Strategic Accounts

An experienced sales leader, focused on helping early to mid-stage companies scale successfully. Outside of work, family and various sports are where I spend my free time.

Ryan Dee photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Ryan Dee photo

Ryan Dee

Solutions Engineer

Things I dig: Motorcycles, Pugs, Ramen, Triathlons, Whiskey, Electronica, FPS games, and Cloudinary!

Stewart Oak photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Stewart Oak photo

Stewart Oak

Customer Success Manager

Stewart is a technical all-rounder with a passion for keeping it simple to achieve customer goals.

Yaron Tomer photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yaron Tomer photo

Yaron Tomer

R&D Manager

Yaron is an experienced R&D manager. He also has many years of all around cloud experience. He has passion for design, technology, and building great products.

Tia Esguerra photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tia Esguerra photo

Tia Esguerra

Developer Support Engineer

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." ~ Jennifer Lee

Jason Johns photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jason Johns photo

Jason Johns


A senior executive with over 20 years of experience in building high-growth SaaS businesses, selling complex enterprise-class solutions into the contact centre, digital experience / media and broadcast space. Extensive experience in building, developing and coaching industry-leading, value-based commercial teams across EMEA, APAC and NA.

Thomas Hughes photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Thomas Hughes photo

Thomas Hughes

Technical Customer Success Manager

Thomas is passionate about helping large enterprises, startups, and government agencies transform their DevOps processes. He loves travel, the outdoors, and scuba diving.

Yoram Leshem photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Yoram Leshem photo

Yoram Leshem

Senior Manual QA Engineer

Yoram has 20 years experience in Manual QA. In his spare time he writes Movie Reviews, Cooks for his family and enjoys American Football.

Timmothy Tran photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Timmothy Tran photo

Timmothy Tran

Solutions Engineer

Timothy is a Solutions Engineer with an extensive 10+ year background in the web technology field. Both developer and customer friendly, he is working hard to maintain his Australian accent while living in NYC.

Emanuel Higwall photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Emanuel Higwall photo

Emanuel Higwall

Technology Partner Manager

Emanuel has +25 years of experience in sales, product marketing, partner development and country management from leading technology vendors including Microsoft and AWS

David Shalom photo manipulated by Cloudinary
David Shalom photo

David Shalom

Senior Product Manager

David is a holistic product manager, loves people, technology, science. Passionate about creating and using products that make our life easier!

Anat Zenoou photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Anat Zenoou photo

Anat Zenoou

Senior Product Manager

Anat is a product manager with 10 years of experience in building products that give customers real value. Anat also enjoys oil painting and outdoors hiking.

David Sargent photo manipulated by Cloudinary
David Sargent photo

David Sargent

CS Team Leader

Having worked in the digital media and automation space since the last millennia, David has gathered a few stories and loves sharing his knowledge.

Rachel Luxemburg photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Rachel Luxemburg photo

Rachel Luxemburg

Online Community Manager

I help our community become more awesome.

Sharnelle Laidley photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Sharnelle Laidley photo

Sharnelle Laidley

Senior Marketing Program Manager

Senior Marketing Manager, Lead Generation, and Account-Based Marketing Expert

Mor Mendelevi photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Mor Mendelevi photo

Mor Mendelevi

UX & UI Product Designer

Mor is a product designer with a sincere curiosity about the human nature and how it interacts with technology. She loves problem solving, gaming and her dogs.

Aviad Moreshet photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Aviad Moreshet photo

Aviad Moreshet

Deep Learning Expert

Aviad is a Deep Learning expert. His interest lays in the intersection between Computer Vision and Deep Learning. In his free time and if the sea allows, you’ll find him riding a wave with his surfboard, or hiking some snowy mountain.

Jen Brissman photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Jen Brissman photo

Jen Brissman

Instructional Designer

Jen comes to the tech world with a background in operations, education, and entertainment. She is an avid learner and problem solver. Adventurous world traveler. Foodie. Happiest in hiking boots.

Tommaso Poli photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tommaso Poli photo

Tommaso Poli

Sales Development Rep

Tommaso has been working for almost 4 years as an IT sales developer, helping companies to enable and leverage their business process.

John Arnsdorf photo manipulated by Cloudinary
John Arnsdorf photo

John Arnsdorf

Senior Product Marketing Manager

John has a passion for technology that helps companies deliver engaging customer experiences at scale. In his free time, he loves traveling, photography, and finding that perfect cup of coffee.

Tamara Yulevich photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Tamara Yulevich photo

Tamara Yulevich

Developer Support Engineer

Tamara loves people and solving problems. In her spare time she travels, pets cats, plays board games and codes.

Thomas Gurung photo manipulated by Cloudinary
Thomas Gurung photo

Thomas Gurung

Developer Support Engineer

Thomas is a passionate engineer with a desire to constantly learn, progress and evolve. He enjoy's coding and helping customers achieve their goals.