Support Short Videos as Profile Video in Your Application

Video profile are an awesome way to allow your users to inject some personality into their profile in dynamic and creative ways.

For example, here's the original video we will use:

Note that the size of the original video is ±35 MB.

Special transformations we used:

end_offset (eo in URLs) - To specify the end of the video.

gravity (g_auto in URLs) - To keep the main subject (the face) in view at all times, even as it moves across the frame in the original video.

radius (r in URLs) - To make the video look like a headshot profile image.

quality (q_auto in URLs) - In order to perform automatic quality encoding.

audio_codec (ac in URLs) - To control the audio codec or remove the audio channel.

And the final result will be:

Copy to clipboard,h_250,c_fill,r_max/q_auto:eco/ac_none/video/user_video.mp4

BTW, the final video result is now only 105K!

by Yakir Perlin