Cloudinary ServiceWorker

The Cloudinary ServiceWorker package allows you to integrate with Cloudinary at the browser level, without changing a single line of code in your project.
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Cloudinary ServiceWorker intercepts all image requests that the browser sends, and replaces them with the Cloudinary fetch functionality.

We have access to images from all across the digital landscape. And sometimes you need to quickly make on-the-fly transformations for an urgent deadline or project. That’s where Cloudinary ServiceWorker comes in.

This operation allows you to enjoy an immediate, zero friction integration with Cloudinary while enjoying some of the key features that Cloudinary can provide. For example, using Cloudinary ServiceWorker, you can grab an images URL and turn it into a Cloudinary Fetch so that you can add the f_auto, q_auto optimizations on the fly, even though images are served from other domains. In addition, the Cloudinary Fetch will save a FETCH type on the DAM while the public ID is the full URL of the original image. Download Cloudinary ServiceWorker to get started.

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