Interactive Video Zoom-In

Provide more ways to engage with videos using object-detection capabilities and the Cloudinary video player
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With e-commerce and online shopping on the rise, video is now influencing more purchasing decisions than ever before. Cloudinary’s new interactive video zoom-in concept provides your customers with a new way to interact with videos, enhancing the viewing experience and driving engagement. The zoom-in function, now in beta testing, allows users to click over different areas on the video and zoom into products using object detection to see the fine details, or trigger additional options.

There are multiple ways to incorporate the interactive video zoom-in concept into your digital experiences. Basic capabilities using the suggested code below allow you to easily switch between the source and the zoomed-in version. More advanced zoom-in methods allow for different sources, including new types of video CODECs like AV1 and h.264, so that the video quality can be enhanced to provide a richer, sharper digital experience.

Start testing out the new interactive video zoom-in concept here. And please provide your feedback and input so we can continue to innovate on this.

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