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Democratizing access to assets is a must for all organizations. However, extending your Digital Asset Management (DAM) asset library to key business systems is a difficult task requiring technical expertise, countless hours and ongoing maintenance. To make this simple, we’ve created an easy to install Chrome web browser extension providing access to your asset library for any web-based application.

Browse your full Cloudinary Digital Asset Management media library to import original assets, sized versions or insert an asset URL pointer.

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Easily access your asset catalog using your favorite web-based application to search, find, and preview assets.

Visually browse, use simple keywords, or advanced find features to locate the right file. Once found, simply select the asset and choose ‘Insert’.

Quickly generate asset variations on-the-fly using a simple UI to apply transformations affecting visual style, size, format, and more.



Access full or partial asset library within any number of web-based applications (PIM, CMS, and more)


Simple to install, setup and use.
Download, activate the extension, enter your credentials and you’re done

Robust Search

Basic, advanced, and visual search of your library and any created collections provide the power to find the exact asset required


Generate asset variations with UI-based Media & Transformation Editors including full transform library URL actions

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Supercharge your workstreams. Browse your full asset library to search, find, and place assets, asset URLs, or generate variations on-the-fly—All within your favorite web-based applications.

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