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Shoppable Videos!

Jun 29, 2020

Shoppable Videos allow you to produce clickable videos that match your brand on a larger scale, elevate brand awareness, and interact with audiences through robust features.

You can use Shoppable Videos to define a set of products that appear in your videos and display product images alongside in a product bar. This allows your users to visit your product detail pages and make a purchase.

Shoppable Videos

With Shoppable Video you can:

  • List your products alongside your video in an expandable products bar.
  • Enable visitors to interact with your products and find out more details.
  • Link visitors to the relevant pages to make a purchase.
  • Add clickable hotspots to the video to highlight your product’s exact location.
  • Bring products to life through interactivity.

Check out our blog post about it here and read the documentation here

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