Content-Aware Auto Cropping for Video

Jul 15, 2019

Cloudinary’s content-aware automatic video cropping capability identifies must-keep video sections using AI and machine learning, churning out downsized videos in any aspect ratio. A complex deep-learning algorithm generates a heatmap that identifies the most interesting areas. This is then used to crop the video intelligently, following the most interesting area of the video throughout the duration while filling the screen no matter the aspect ratio.


All you need to do is set the crop mode to 'fill' and the gravity to 'auto' to begin the process of analysing the video.

Read more here

And try it out for yourself here!

Aspect Ratio

Transformation Presets

Jul 02, 2019

Transformation Presets are now available for easy and prompt selection, preview and re-use straight from your asset's Manage page in your Media Library.

The URL will be displayed above the image preview, allowing you to:

  • Open the transformation in new tab
  • Download the transformed image
  • Copy the URL - by clicking the URL or the icon
  • Edit the image with this specific transformation by navigating to the transformations page.

Note that the analysis tab will only be displayed with the original preview.


Cloudinary Regional Training

May 30, 2019


Our next Regional Training course is going to take place on August 6th and 7th in Boston, Massachusetts!

The Cloudinary Fundamentals for Developers course is a comprehensive 2 day hands-on training session that will help you get fully up to speed with the most necessary and fundamental aspects of using Cloudinary. Diving into our developer-focused APIs and SDKs, we'll show you how to properly upload, manage and transform your digital content.

You can check out the full agenda and sign up here

Following our first (and super successful!) Cloudinary fundamentals course at ImageCon earlier this month, we're launching additional programs and developing customer training opportunities!

We would appreciate it if you could fill out this brief survey regarding our upcoming Regional Trainings (first up we're considering hosting summer and fall trainings in locations in the US Northeast) with your date and city preferences so we can plan the best training program for your needs.

Learn more about the format and planned agenda for the course here

Your participation will guarantee you a lower price on the in-person training, once registrations open up. Survey respondents with helpful answers will also be eligible to receive prizes from the company.

State of Visual Media Report

May 22, 2019

Introducing the first annual State of Visual Media report, developed to help companies better understand how visual content is being viewed and consumed,

Key insights include:

  • New image formats deliver major business benefits. The richer and more vibrant colors delivered via HEIF are a no-brainer when it comes to elevating visual stories and selling products online.
  • Slack and WhatsApp traffic hold hidden engagement opportunities. Understanding social engagement and word-of-mouth sharing beyond more traditional platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including Slack and WhatsApp will be increasingly important.
  • True global engagement means thinking beyond Chrome and other popular browsers. While it’s tempting to default to the most popular formats, browsers and devices, global brands that overlook the growing long tail are missing opportunities to engage with millions of users.

Check it out here

Bug Bounty Program

May 16, 2019

We're excited to announce that after 18 months as an invite-only program, Cloudinary’s bug bounty program is now open to the public.

This program has been released publicly thanks to the increasing maturity of our security program and our obsession for ongoing security posture improvement.

The main idea of the programs is to leverage tens of thousands of White-Hat hackers in a proactive, incentivized way which reduces overall risk by helping uncover a larger volume of high-value vulnerability.

Make sure to check it out and contribute to the effort!

Color Blind Accessibility Effects

May 02, 2019

Color Blind Accessibility Effects allow you to simulate the way an image would appear to someone with deuteranopia (the most common form of) color blindness, or a number of additional different color-blind conditions.

For example, add stripes in different directions and thicknesses, or use color shifts to assist people with common colorblind conditions to differentiate between colors.

For all options, see the simulate_colorblind option of the effect parameter in the Image Transformation Reference.

Simulate Deuteranopia

Add Stripes

Color Shifts

Remove the Background AI

Apr 15, 2019

Cloudinary's AI Background Removal Add-on combines a variety of deep-learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize the primary foreground subject of photos and then accurately remove photo backgrounds in a matter of seconds.



Background Removed:

Background Removed

Read more about it here and check out the docs


ImageCon 2019 - A Gathering of Industry Leaders and Experts!

Apr 08, 2019

Join us for a two-day event with educational workshops, executive keynotes, and networking opportunities focussed on trends and best practices for images, videos, and the future of interactive media.

Get inspired with thought leadership talks and workshops on:

  • Tips and tricks for optimizing the performance of images and videos
  • Deep-dive into Machine Learning
  • State of Images and video on the web
  • Ensuring the security of your media assets
  • Scaling asset governance and team collaboration

Take advantage of our special 15% discount for Cloudinary users with coupon code: User15

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Community Event - Join Live to Our Next Meetup!

Apr 07, 2019

Progressive Web Apps are revolutionizing the web by providing additional flexibility to developers and bringing features such as offline browsing and mobile native-like experience.

In this special Wagon Talk jointly organized with Cloudinary, we'll explore the nature of PWAs, the concept of service workers and services such as Wokbox.js and Cloudinary enabling web applications to cache and serve lower quality images (if necessary) in order to speed up the perceptual load time of the web app.

Join live at our Facebook Community!



Apr 03, 2019

Calling all VueJS Developers! New VueJS SDK now available as public beta!

Try out this SDK to easily access all frontend SDK capabilities and use ready-made components for easily presenting and transforming videos and images stored on Cloudinary.

Check it out in github

Download from NPM

And read more about it here

We would love to hear your thoughts and experience!

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