Automatic image focus/blurriness detection

Oct 02, 2017

A new upload API parameter called quality_analysis is now available, which wraps different visual quality analysis related data (e.g. focus, compression level, etc.).

For example:

"quality_analysis" => { "focus" => 1.0 }

Kitty focus high

"quality_analysis" => { "focus" => 0.08526889979839325 }

Kitty focus low

Java SDK updated to version 1.15.0

Sep 25, 2017

Read more about Cloudinary's Java SDK Version 1.15.0 here

Our free plan quota just got much bigger... again!

Sep 19, 2017

We’re extending our free plan limits and adjusting the paid plans to better accommodate our customers usage patterns and growth and make Cloudinary even more accessible.

You can read all about these changes in this blog post detailing the new limits, and see the new plans in our updated pricing page or within your console.

New Pricing Page

Instagram source for the Upload Widget

Sep 11, 2017

A few weeks ago we introduced the updated Upload Widget, and recently we added Instagram as an additional source for the Upload Widget.

To try it out live, check out our public demo here.

Instagram Upload Widget

Video Frame Per Second

Sep 04, 2017

Define your FPS (Frame Per Second) range with the fps_[min]-[max] transformation ([min] value required):

Video Loop effect

Aug 21, 2017

Use the e_loop:[number] transformation for looping videos and animated GIFs:,eo_8/e_loop:5/happy_dog.mp4.

For GIFs, the number is optional; leaving the number value empty, will result in an infinite loop of joy:

Loop GIF Happy Dog

Immutable cache control response

Aug 14, 2017

Save 60% of browser requests by applying the new immutable_cache flag (fl_immutable_cache), preventing unnecessary server checks to see if images were modified. You can read more about this in the following Facebook's analysis project. Currently supported only by Firefox.

Padding with automatic color selection

Aug 07, 2017

Various methods of automatic padding enabled, such as: automatic color padding, fading the image into the padding, padding according to the pre-dominant colors and color gradient padding for example.

For more details, check out our blog post

Pre-dominant gradient padding example:

Pre-dominant gradient padding

Neural Artwork Style Transfer

Jul 26, 2017

With Cloudinary's new Neural Artworks add-on you can instantly create neural network art by transferring styles from any source artwork to any target photo, on-the-fly. By simply adding the style_transfer effect to any delivered image while specifying the image ID of any source artwork as it's overlay.

For example:

Original image
Amazing result

Read more and try it out here

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