Revamped Admin API Reference

Oct 07, 2019

Our API Reference has been redesigned and updated to include:

  • Complete endpoint list at the beginning of each section & easier navigation to endpoints
  • Syntax for SDKs as well as endpoint before the parameters list
  • Cleaner overall design
  • New cURL examples

Check it out here!

Admin API Reference

Quality Auto (q_auto) for Video

Sep 22, 2019

The q_auto you know and love is now available for Videos!

Make sure you deliver your video with the most fitting quality in every situation using Cloudinary's intelligent quality and encoding algorithm. The algorithm analyses each video to decide on the optimal encoding characteristics that will produce the best visual quality while minimizing the file size. The quality transformation parameter can be set to auto (q_auto in URLs) in order to perform automatic quality encoding. Further control of the automatic quality selection is supported as well.

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Q_auto Video

ISO 27017:2015 and ISO 27018:2019 Certification

Sep 12, 2019

We're happy to announce that Cloudinary is ISO 27017:2015 and ISO 27018:2019 certified!

We are constantly working on improving our security posture, from compliance efforts to proactive offsec operations (Including our publicly available bug bounty program which you should definitely join).

As always and forever – your data security and privacy are top priority for us!

Apply video transparency

Aug 28, 2019

You can convert any relatively solid color in a video overlay to be fully transparent, thus making the base video visible in the transparent areas. This means you can remove plain colored backgrounds from a video overlay or remove a solid colored element from the subject of a video overlay, such that the content of the video behind that element shows through.

This functionality works like a green-screen effect, but can be applied to any HEX color. Check out our blog post for more details

Overlays sequence


To make a color transparent in your video overlay, apply both the make_transparent effect and the color parameter to your video overlay component. You can also specify a tolerance value for the make_transparent effect to allow for minor differences in the shade of the specified color.

The make_transparent parameter is supported only for videos within an overlay component. You cannot apply this parameter to a video without an overlay.

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Video Player Studio

Aug 08, 2019

With Cloudinary's new Video Player Studio you can build your own Video Player to match your brand and easily embed it into your own website!

Video Player Studio

The Cloudinary Video Player offers loads of customization options for fitting your video player to your brand and all your video use-cases; all with super-simple and super-quick UI configuration options. This allows you to give your users the best video experience and keep your branding consistent throughout your media delivery.

Try it out for yourself here

Read more about it here

User-defined Variables with Border

Jul 31, 2019

Using user-defined variables in transformations gives you the flexibility to dynamically control several aspects of the image's final result. Now we’re happy to share that this capability is supported with border transformations as well!

Here is an example using both variables and arithmetic transformations, to set a relative border size, but no bigger than 15px:,q_auto/c_fill,g_auto,h_500,w_500/$bordersize_w_mul_0.1/if_$bordersize_gt_15,$bordersize_15/bo_$bordersize_solid_rgb:FFB235/product_updates/summer

See here for more information

Content-Aware Auto Cropping for Video

Jul 15, 2019

Cloudinary’s content-aware automatic video cropping capability identifies must-keep video sections using AI and machine learning, churning out downsized videos in any aspect ratio. A complex deep-learning algorithm generates a heatmap that identifies the most interesting areas. This is then used to crop the video intelligently, following the most interesting area of the video throughout the duration while filling the screen no matter the aspect ratio.


All you need to do is set the crop mode to 'fill' and the gravity to 'auto' to begin the process of analysing the video.

Read more here

And try it out for yourself here!

Aspect Ratio

Transformation Presets

Jul 02, 2019

Transformation Presets are now available for easy and prompt selection, preview and re-use straight from your asset's Manage page in your Media Library.

The URL will be displayed above the image preview, allowing you to:

  • Open the transformation in new tab
  • Download the transformed image
  • Copy the URL - by clicking the URL or the icon
  • Edit the image with this specific transformation by navigating to the transformations page.

Note that the analysis tab will only be displayed with the original preview.


Cloudinary Regional Training

May 30, 2019


Our next Regional Training course is going to take place on August 6th and 7th in Boston, Massachusetts!

The Cloudinary Fundamentals for Developers course is a comprehensive 2 day hands-on training session that will help you get fully up to speed with the most necessary and fundamental aspects of using Cloudinary. Diving into our developer-focused APIs and SDKs, we'll show you how to properly upload, manage and transform your digital content.

You can check out the full agenda and sign up here

Following our first (and super successful!) Cloudinary fundamentals course at ImageCon earlier this month, we're launching additional programs and developing customer training opportunities!

We would appreciate it if you could fill out this brief survey regarding our upcoming Regional Trainings (first up we're considering hosting summer and fall trainings in locations in the US Northeast) with your date and city preferences so we can plan the best training program for your needs.

Learn more about the format and planned agenda for the course here

Your participation will guarantee you a lower price on the in-person training, once registrations open up. Survey respondents with helpful answers will also be eligible to receive prizes from the company.

State of Visual Media Report

May 22, 2019

Introducing the first annual State of Visual Media report, developed to help companies better understand how visual content is being viewed and consumed,

Key insights include:

  • New image formats deliver major business benefits. The richer and more vibrant colors delivered via HEIF are a no-brainer when it comes to elevating visual stories and selling products online.
  • Slack and WhatsApp traffic hold hidden engagement opportunities. Understanding social engagement and word-of-mouth sharing beyond more traditional platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including Slack and WhatsApp will be increasingly important.
  • True global engagement means thinking beyond Chrome and other popular browsers. While it’s tempting to default to the most popular formats, browsers and devices, global brands that overlook the growing long tail are missing opportunities to engage with millions of users.

Check it out here

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